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  • Myrick: But without your help, my officers nabbed four pro thieves carting off a truckful of antiques.
    Peter: Three professional thieves. Neal Caffrey is a Bureau asset.
    Neal: Um, while we're correcting semantic gaffes, antiques are what you get when you pull up a highway in Michigan. Those are priceless, pre-Christian antiquities. (referring to the load he was caught with)
    Peter: (with a sour expression on his face) Neal, not helping.

  • Diana: (about Alex Hunter) We're looking at Greek antiquities theft, she checked into the Atheneum. I'm sure she's clean.

  • Neal: After lunch today, I'll finagle an invite back to her place.
    Peter: Great. Find out what's in that envelope. And, whatever your finagling methods, remember we'll be watching.

  • Neal: What?
    Peter: No, it just used to mean something to say that you caught Neal Caffrey, but now that the police are doing it all the time...
    Neal: Oh, once again, this does not count.
    Peter: Says the man who spent four hours in a cell with two drunken disorderlies and a shopping cart thief.

  • Mozzie: I'm trespassing. Exigent circumstances.
    Peter: I love how you two think that law was designed as a loophole.

  • Mozzie: (waving a bra in front of Peter) Sam is Samantha. He is a she!
    Peter: He is definitely not a she.
    : Well, he's curious.
    : This is not Sam's suite.
    Mozzie: That file listed this as his address.
    Peter: The file I explicitly told you wasn't Sam's file?
    Mozzie: So I've made a tremendous mistake.
    Peter: That was Alex Hunter's file.
    Mozzie: Oh! That explains the brassiere.

  • Peter: (about Neal and Alex staying alone) Yeah, I don't like it. I get the impression that Neal and Alex are still on unsettled terms.
    Jones: "Unsettled" meaning what? She wants to bed him or kill him?
    Peter: Fine line.

  • Alex: (referring to her origami flower) You know, a different girl might take offense that you marked this "return to sender."
    Neal: A different guy might take offense that you got him arrested. I'd say we're even.
    Alex: Oh, please. Not even close.

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  • Original International Airdates:
    Canada: March 13, 2013 on Bravo

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  • Burke asks Neal if he is an Aries and Neal confirms by stating that he was born March 21. However, in season 2 episode 16 when Diana pulls up the tracking data for Neal's anklet, it states that his birthday is October 11.