USA Renews White Collar for a Sixth (and Likely Final) Season

By Kaitlin Thomas

Mar 21, 2014

USA is saying goodbye to its long-running comedy Psych next Wednesday, March 26, and now it looks like fan-favorite series White Collar is also headed for the great TV graveyard in the sky. Although the network has yet to confirm as much, the series will likely be back for a shortened sixth season that will also be its last, according to Deadline. UPDATE: The network has confirmed a six-episode Season 6 renewal, though did not say whether Season 6 will definitely be the show's last (it probably will).      

The decision is reportedly a compromise between USA Network, which wanted to wrap up Neal Caffrey's story with a movie or miniseries, and Fox TV Studios, which produces White Collar and fought to give the show a more "proper" send-off, similar to those enjoyed by its network siblings like MonkBurn NoticePsych, and In Plain Sight.

While the shortened episode order might feel like a raw deal, considering that White Collar's fifth season ended with a cliffhanger in which Neal (Matt Bomer) was abducted by an unknown man, it's probably best to feel confident we'll get some closure and not look a gift horse in the mouth (what is a gift horse?). After all, abbreviated final seasons, when done well, can turn out great; we only have to look to Nikita's recent six-episode swan song to see that.


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  • AmandaSmolins Yesterday

    I love White Collar I never want it to end!!!!:《

  • christallavery Jul 13, 2014

    White Collar holds my interest and keeps me coming back to USA network. The more grand scripts and great characters the better. Enjoy the whole cast and want to see more than 1 more season of this show.

  • frederickhannahs Jul 10, 2014

    To bad it's coming to an end

  • Cumilous Jul 04, 2014

    Its a great show. I think it deserve's an extension because of its originality around the con being a great art forger and helping FBI to catch those like him. Not forgetting Mozzi's wit too. Great show!

  • charlieware374 Jul 04, 2014

    Am a big fan of white collar its one of my fav programmes to watch!! I cant waite for season six!! I love neal but would love to see neal and sara back together and being happy!! I wont more thab six episode tho, that wont be enough !!! Love mozy i wont sonething exciting going on with sara mozy and neal

  • billcrabb63 Jun 17, 2014

    I'm a big fan of White collar, but I'd like to see it go in a fresh direction. I think it would be awesome if they worked Neal out of the anklet and freed him from the FBI to continue his life. It would be cool to see him, Sara, and Mozy open a "Sterling Bauch" type company names "White Collar" maybe. Not insurance, but recovery, where they recovered items of extravagance, and set up security systems for big companies. It would allow them to have high class lifestyles and travel the world instead of always working in NY.

  • koalablanc Jun 15, 2014

    I want more than just 6 episodes to tie up the cliffhanger !! I want a whole sixth season !!! And if it has to be the finale one, then so be it. But I would waych a seventh, ...

  • mccourtsusan May 31, 2014

    I think it's a great show with a fabulous cast. I will be sad to see it go! Nick's quote is fitting and the third season finale was good, but WC is one of the best. Its right up there with NCIS if you ask me and that's the top show on prime time TV. The heck with the rest of the original USA productions. There is no contest. Covert Affairs is good. Monk was top shelf. Burn Notice, yah but they are killing it with reruns. Bomer is hot and fun. So is Peter. his wife, hot,. Moz, "Diana, Burns. This crew is a cast to dye for.....

  • NickJones6029 May 24, 2014

    I think Mozzie's quote of Orson Welles is fitting, "If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story."

  • alandestradamtz1 May 11, 2014

    I was really happy with Season 3 finale, it was a just ending. I hope the real ending its better than my expectations.

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