Dentist of Detroit

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    By OnePerCentClub, Jul 03, 2011

    I had been wishing for a Mozzie episode for a while and now he got his turn. I've always said that Mozzie has the best lines of the show and he proved it for me in this episode. I expected something like that of his background. Lonely kid, very intelligent, who worked his way up in the con business.

    I couldn't stop laughing at Mozzie's stubbornness and my favorite scene has to be when he tells Peter he'll like to see him stop him and then cut to him being put in a police car and taken away :)

    Peter and Neal looked real hot in those tuxedos, but the fight/argument scene was sort of predictable. I would like to see them get in trouble every once in a while.

    Loved the way the writers show Elizabeth as the supportive wife, who understands her husband and gets along with his partners and be a successful business woman at the same time.moreless

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