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    6 ep season???

    By karlsgabe, Apr 01, 2014

    Do you guys think they will do the last 6 episodes in the fall????

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    Series ending?

    By scs7900, Mar 21, 2014

    This is so typical of USA. They have very successful shows. But the series end to soon. It seems like an average show span is 6 seasons. And it's either b/c the writers get lazy and the show falters. Or they stuff so much into episodes and run out of material. I have almost quit watching thier new shows. I rather be interest in a show for at least 8 seAsons. I love suits and Graceland. But have got me so afraid it will be ending soon. The show I miss the most burn notice.


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    Season 5 was very entertaining. Need more please.

    By emmasaint71, Mar 12, 2014

    Season 5 was deeper than I was expecting but very engaging. Bridget Regan's character truly added a lot of oomph to this season. I didn't necessarily enjoy the story arc of Neal going back to his conman ways and his rift with Burke. But Neal's romance with the newcomer was amazing. Bridget Regan played her character so well and "brought out the best in Matt Bomer" as one professional reviewer said, goes to show what good talent can bring to a show. Warren Cole was amazing as well, wish we could see more of him. Hope they bring in more fresh talent into the show next season. Now c'mon USA renew it already! You have a gem here.moreless

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  • 7.5

    can we just keep sarah?

    By Josiahcro, Feb 04, 2014

    i think one of the most interesting plots is neils relationship with sarah and also how he is always finding away out. i can't see where this show is going but i loved where it was. please dont fuck up another good show

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    By toddwittmann, Jan 17, 2014

    When this show first came on I loved the premise of a con helping the FBI with white collar crime. And all shows nowadays have to have a continuous underlying drama in addition to the day to day crime solving. But this is getting ridiculous. True, I like the Da Vinci intrigue, but enough is enough of this constant melodrama with coded books, decoder stain glass and constant betrayal of every one, even Peter. The show is getting too much like a soap opera.moreless

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    Geting to predictable .

    By retsim1, Jan 12, 2014

    I think that it has been obvious for the past few episodes that Rebecca was not all she seemed to be .The way they conveniently helped Neil and how she would walk into his apartment when ever she liked without knocking ,even though they really did,nt know each other .And how she never cared about him lying to her about being a to convenient . It is a shame that this season has not been up to the standard as the others,and i will really miss it when the season is over as i have watched the series from the start. It,s has been one of my favourite shows Hope it will be renewed for another least Neil never told her that Mozzi has got the symbols stored in his head but she will probably figure it out watch out Moz you will be next on the list..moreless

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    why rebecca????

    By MohdAzuanJohan, Jan 12, 2014

    why rebecca???? whyyyyyy?????

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    By bjornrix, Jan 10, 2014

    that ending of ep10 was just perfect

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    By cwillis99, Jan 03, 2014



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    Master Plan

    By matthej1, Nov 15, 2013

    I'm loving this season. I like how they keep you wondering what Neal or Mozzie is going to do next. I like that Peter is still cautious of Neal and vice versa. I just have no complaints. I think they're doing a wonderful job. Keep it up!

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