Vested Interest

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  • Neal: Peter likes to switch up the color if ink he uses when he signs his name. It's a habit of his since we started working together.
    Mozzie: Incredibly paranoid and presumptive of him. I respect that.

  • Neal: I'm convinced there's a secret FBI handshake, and now is the time to use it.
    Jones: There is no secret handshake.
    Neal: Of course that's what you'd say.

  • Peter: Death certificates don't issue themselves.
    Neal: No. Coroners do -- for around $500, in my experience. I may or may not have faked my death on multiple occasions -- Panama City, Bangalore.
    Peter: Monterey Bay. I remember -- gored by a great white shark.
    Neal: Thought you might appreciate that.
    Peter: Who doesn't love a good shark mauling?

  • Mozzie: So, do you have the tracker?
    Neal: Not yet... Anderson's gonna try to steal a different piece of technology from the conference. When that happens, I'll seize the window of opportunity.
    Mozzie: Mm. Piggybacking on a fellow thief. Taking advantage of a craftsman's hard work.
    Neal: Okay, you're only saying that 'cause he's going up against the bureau.
    Mozzie: One against 500.
    Neal: I like those odds.

  • Neal: (discussing the panel) So what do you wanna talk about up there?
    Peter: Mortenson loan scandal?
    Neal: Loan scandal? Peter, we found a Nazi submarine dredged up by an infamous Ponzi schemer. That's a story.
    Peter: Wanna talk about what happened to the contents of that sub?
    Neal: Point taken.

  • Diana: You were right to think Neal was up to something.
    Peter: What did he do?
    Diana: Technically, nothing. You, on the other hand, authorized a surveillance request on Sam Phelps.
    Peter: I don't remember doing that. (looks into the file) And yet, here is my signature.

  • Peter: (about the case) Anderson is targeting a cutting edge bulletproof vest from the Hudson group.
    Diana: Word is, this will be the best protection on the market.
    Neal: My favorite method of protection is avoiding situations where people might shoot at me.

  • Peter: You ever wonder what would've happened if I hadn't made you my C.I.?
    Neal: Well, I'd still be in jail and your arrest rate would be in the low 70s.
    Peter: High 80s!
    Neal: Why did you take my deal?
    Peter: I told you, your expertise.
    Neal: That's all?
    Peter: I realized... all those crimes you were committing, they were never about money, or greed.
    Neal: What do you think they were about?
    Peter: The challenge. That's what we have in common. I love the challenge.
    Neal: I know you do.
    Peter: And after all those years of chasing you, your cryptic clues, your late-night phone calls from international numbers...
    Neal: Yeah, and the cookies, and birthday cards...
    Peter: Yeah. I realized I liked you. That's why I took your deal.

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  • Original International Airdates:
    Canada: March 27, 2013 on Bravo

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