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  • Courtney: That's Rita! You don't like her because she's white? Mavis: I don't like her because she's twelve!

  • Mavis: It's nuclear! Nuclear! He can say "Condolezza," why the hell can't he say "nuclear?" Courtney: Hey, don't go making fun of my president. Mavis: Making fun? I don't have to make fun of him. He makes fun of himself.

  • Courtney: Mavis, you don't provide robes? Mavis: What do you think the bedspreads are for?

  • Courtney: How'd you get into the States? Nasim: Iran.

  • (Mavis meets Courtney's girlfriend Rita) Courtney: You don't like her cause she's white. Mavis: I don't like her cause she 12!

  • Customer: (Mavis is smoking) You know, second-hand smoke kills! Mavis: So do I, baby! Walk off...

  • Mavis: I am not afraid of the elevator. And that's not a phobia, that's an illness. It's called claustrophobia.

  • (about Rita) Courtney: She is a poet! Mavis: Well I'll tell you what. Can you finish this one? "There is something I just couldn't figure, a white girl who acts like a---" Courtney: Mavis!

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Notes (49)

  • The entire series was filmed in New York in the Kaufman Astoria Studios.

  • This is the highest rated episode of Whoopi during the entire run of the series. This episode, the pilot, scored around 15 million viewers. Whoopi! debuted to a 12.5/20 overnight rating, a thrill for NBC. It was the highest first run episode of any series since Mad About You in 1998.

  • NBC repeated this episode on September 11 & 20, 2003.

  • MaryAnn Hu guests stars as a saleswoman Mavis and Nasim meet in China town, but later in the series, MaryAnn appears in the recurring role of Soo Lin, Mavis' friend.

  • This episode was watched by 11.30 million viewers.

  • This episode was repeated on September 20, 2003 & January 20, 2004.

  • This episode features the first appearance of Mary Testa as Sophia, and Gordana Rashovich as Jadwiga. Both characters are recurring during the run of the series, although Sophia appears in 18, and Jadwiga in 19 episodes out of 22.

  • Oddly, it was never indicated who directed this episode. I'm assuming that this episode was once again directed by Terry Hughes.

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Trivia (7)

  • Mavis tells Nasim that when she sees a person from his nationality on the plane, she immediately leaves the plane, but she failed to comment on the fact that she hates flying at all, which is the main theme in the future episode, "Airplane!"

  • As Mavis leaves the store with the belt around her neck, the store alarm did not go off, it went off when she went back in the store.

  • Mavis says that the overweight guest is staying in room 207. After he collapses the bed, Mavis and the others go to check on him and the number on his hotel room door is 210.

  • In real life Whoopi Goldberg has a fear of flying.

  • Mavis mentions that Rita's ferret died. This is the ferret who bit Mavis in episode 1x03 "Once Bitten..."

  • In the beginning, Mavis' credit card is clearly not an Amex (I can't tell what card it is, but that is not an amex), yet when she gets her new credit card at the end, she is given an amex.

  • At one scene in the hotel lobby, Inez is supposed to be talking on a cell phone, but on a close up, she clearly is not holding a phone.

Allusions (9)

  • Mavis: Just tell them you had amnesia. That's what they do on Days of our Lives. Days of our Lives is an American soap opera.

  • Jadwiga: I would be a good lawyer. I used to watch The Practice until they fired the cute man McDermott. This is an obvious allusion to the ABC drama show The Pratice and a character named Bobby Donnell, played by Dylan McDermott.

  • Episode Title: The Fat and the Frivolous
    This episode's title is a play on words reference to the hit movie, "The Fast and The Furious".

  • Episode Title: American Woman
    This episode's title is shared with a hit song "American Woman", sung by the group, "Guess Who".

  • The episode title Airplane! is reference to a classical comedy movie Airplane! from 1980.

  • Courtney: They have this filth on their web site, this is the Hilton in Paris?! Nasim: Not exactly. Nasim shows Courtney some debauchery on the Internet. Courtney thinks it is the Hilton hotel in Paris. This is an indirect reference to the scandalous Paris Hilton sex tape.

  • Mavis: ... The Mel Gibson Movie. Mavis is referring to the controversial movie, "The Passion of the Christ", which is directed by Gibson.

  • Episode Title: "No Sex in the City"
    This episode's title is a play on words reference to the hit HBO TV series, "Sex and the City"

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