Who's the Boss?

Tony and Angela Get Divorced

Season 7, Ep 18, Aired 2/12/91
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  • Episode Description
  • Tony and Angela are audited by an IRS agent after Angela's accountant is imprisoned. The auditor suspects that Tony and Angela are more than just employer and employee, and alleges that they may inadvertently be married already.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tony Danza

    Tony Micelli

  • Alyssa Milano

    Samantha Micelli

  • Judith Light

    Angela Bower

  • Katherine Helmond

    Mona Robinson

  • Danny Pintauro

    Jonathan Bower

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    • Angela: Tony, the tax returns are very complicated. Tony: No they’re not, Angela. I’ve done my taxes every year by myself, and every year I get a refund. Last year; $84.50. Payed for my bowling shoe rental for a whole year, with odor eaters.

    • Ms. Foster: And where does he sleep? Angela: What? Tony: Huh? Ms. Foster: I just wondered if Tony had his own bedroom. Tony: Well, yes, Tony has his own bedroom. Where did you think Tony slept? Angela: And what does that have to do with our taxes? Ms. Foster: Oh, this is never easy for me to say. Well, how much you owe the government really depends on whether or not the two of you are...intimate. Angela: They even put a tax on that? Tony: No wonder Mona’s always broke!

    • Ms. Foster: It’s just that I’m finding dozens of receipts for gifts of a rather personal and intimate nature that you bought for each other. Angela: Well, all that can be very easily explained. Ms. Foster: Uh-huh, uh-huh, like this one for Mr. Micelli from Pretty In Pink Lingerie for one black teddy? Tony: Well, I had to replace the one that I ripped.

    • Angela: Mother, come here. Would you do us a favor? Will you please tell this lady that Tony and I are not married? Mona: Well, let’s examine the facts. They’ve been together a long time, they squabble like a couple, and they never have sex. Sounds married to me.

    • Ms. Foster: That may be true, but when you check into a motel as Mr. and Mrs. in a common law state like South Carolina, you can be considered legally married. Tony: You mean I didn’t have to sleep on the floor?

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