Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK)

Brad Sherwood, Debra Wilson, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles

Season 10, Ep 9, Aired 6/18/98
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  • Episode Description
  • Debra Wilson of MADTv joins Brad, Colin, and Ryan as they do superheroes fighting body odor, the Klingon film The Pretzel Collector, and songs of airline travel in the last regular episode of the show.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Ryan Stiles


  • Brad Sherwood


  • Laura Hall


  • Colin Mochrie


  • Clive Anderson


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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (5)

    • Brad: (in Greatest Hits) I gotta go in there 'cause it's hit and miss, oh baby yeah I been standin' in line and I really gotta take a tinkle!

    • (in Backwards Scene) Brad: This is quite a great place to come eat when you want to eat in a minute and a half. Colin: Anybody need to eat in a minute and a half? (buzzer) Clive: Well, Colin wins that game by a strong tactical play that kept him out for most of it.

    • (in Scene To Rap) Colin: Don't shoot, don't shoot If you start doing that, I'll begin to poot! Brad: He's trying to rob this store Why don't do you do something, you nasty girl? Debra: See, I know what you were thinking, and that wasn't nice You know, maybe you better put him on ice! Ryan: Well, I know what ice is, its kind of a slang But what the hell, bang bang bang bang! (Brad falls down)

    • (in LMAD) Debra: I'm your favorite t-shirt. What kind of slogan do you have on your chest? Brad: 'Dinner and kinky sex.' If you would like to go out on a date, press one now.

    • Colin: (in LMAD) I would load this up in my program, so I could figure out the exact way to go, and then I'd screw ya hard.

    Notes (4)

    • This is the last new Whose Line? UK episode. The final two episodes of the series were compilations.

    • Animals is not seen on Comedy Central, otherwise the order is intact.

    • This is the first time Brad goes first in Superheroes.

    • Debra Wilson is the second appearance by a cast member of the Fox show Mad TV. The first was Phil Lamarr.

    Trivia (3)

    • This is a list of all the winners and number of times (in oder of winning): Archie Hahn-3 Rory Bremner-4 Peter Cook-1 John Sessions-4 Josie Lawrence-12 Jan Ravens-1 Rory McGrath-1 Griff-Rhys-Jones-2 Mike McShane-11 Stephen Fry-1 Jon Glover-1 Greg Proops-22 Tony Slattery-12 Ron West-1 Paul Merton-4 Sandi Toksvig-3 Ryan Stiles-43 Lee Simpsons-1 Arthur Smith-1 Steve Steen-4 Jim Meskimen-2 George McGrath-1 Jim Sweeney-2 Chip Esten-1 Colin Mochrie-26 Sam Johnson-1 Steve Frost-7 Caroline Quentin-2 Niall Ashdown-1 Karen Maruyama-2 George Wendt-2 Debi Durst-1 Brad Sherwood-2 Wayne Brady-1 Phil LaMarr-1 Patrick Bristow-1 Catherine O'Hara-1 Debra Wilson-1 *37 times there were 2 winners *2 times there were 3 winners *8 times there were 4 winners *1 time there were 6 winners *Despite Ryan having the most wins most of them were not by himself (either with 1, 2 or 3 other people)

    • This is a list of all the games played and how many times (in order of appearance): Authors-28 Sound Effects-26 Song Styles (I included "Duets" due to being the same only with two people)-43 World's Worst-52 Props-79 Party Quirks-75 Film And Theatre Styles-80 Couples-2 Panel-1 Rap-6 Every Other Line-2 Film Dub-44 Storyteller-3 American Musical-12 Advertisement-2 Remote Control-7 Wrong Theme Tune-1 Opera-2 Explanations-3 Tag-3 Expert-5 Interview-6 Musical Producers-4 That'll Be Charlie Now-2 Alphabet-11 Gospel-8 Helping Hands-33 Translation-5 Psychiatrist-5 March-8 News Report-12 Emotion Option-6 Musical Film Review-2 Hoedown-37 Audition-2 Old Job, New Job-21 Courtroom Scene-3 Video Player-1 Scenes From A Hat-15 Letter Changes-1 Prison Visitor-3 Whose Line-11 Superheroes-23 Bar Scene-8 Questions Only-20 Backwards Scene-3 Two Characters-1 Scene To Music-8 Stand, Sit, Bend-5 Foreign Film Dub-12 Song Titles-4 Change Emotions-3 Fixed Expressions-4 Narrate-4 Funeral Narration-1 Stand, Sit, Lie-7 Moving People-11 Film Trailer-3 Animals-12 Press Conference-8 Hey You Down There-4 Picture-4 Let's Make A Date-20 Secret-12 Hats-11 Greatest Hits-10 News Flash-4 Number of Words-8 Dead Bodies-4 Sports Commentators-6 Home Shopping-5 Here He Is Now-2 Director-1 Three Of A Kind-3 Mission Impossible-9 Weird Newscasters-11 Addicts Anonymous-2 Quick Change-1 Remember That Song-1 Soap Opera-1 Film Review-1 Interrogation-1 Quiz Show-5 Scene To Rap-4 Daytime Talk Show-6 Multiple Personalities-1 Strange Bedfellows-1 *Not including Compilations

    • This is the list of everyone who appeared on the show and how many times (in order of appearance): Archie Hahn-6 Josie Lawrence-38 Paul Merton-15 John Sessions-20 Rory Bremner-6 Jimmy Mulville-3 Stephen Fry-3 Peter Cook-1 Tony Slattery-37 Betty Thomas-1 Jonathan Pryce-3 Graeme Garden-1 Jan Ravens-2 George McGrath-2 Rory McGrath-2 Richard Kaplan-1 Griff Rhys-Jones-2 Mike McShane-32 Enn Reitel-1 Jon Glover-1 Greg Proops-51 Ron West-5 Paul Rider-1 Ryan Stiles-76 Sandi Toksvig-11 Neil Mularkey-1 Lee Simpson-1 Arthur Smith-1 Chris Langham-1 Jim Sweeny-8 Mark Cohen-2 Julian Clery-1 Colin Mochrie-57 Denalda Williams-1 Steve Steen-5 Chris Smith-3 Jim Meskimen-3 Steve Frost-23 Chip Esten-5 Brad Sherwood-12 Sam Johnson-1 Jane Bruckner-1 Russell Fletcher-1 Niall Ashdown-3 Caroline Quentin-6 Eddie Izzard-1 Ardal O'Hanlon-1 Karen Maruyama-3 George Wendt-2 Debi Durst-1 Wayne Brady-3 Phil LaMarr-2 Patrick Bristow-1 Catherine O'Hara-1 Debra Wilson-1 *Clive Anderson appeared in all the episodes *This is not including Compilation episodes!

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