Boardroom & A Parked Place

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    Love this episode!

    By mvscali89, Apr 29, 2007

    Boardroom and A parked place- it was a great episode for Will & Grace. I love just how much it shows the caring and friendship between Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen. Also, it is full of humor. The scenes or parts with Mr. Stein were brillant and the limo scenes were excellent. I loved the part at the end of the episode. I also like when Karen shows up everywhere and Will and Grace don't ever expect it. The ending where Karen goes back to Grace and Jack and says she will agree to live with them, then leaves was great. Of course, right after the first time she closes the door, she comes back in and invites Jack and Grace, which is so unlike Karen to think of others but it is also true because she loves Jack and it is evident she loves both Jack and Grace as family. I loved this episode and the humor and friendship fits together perfectly.moreless

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    Jack and Grace suspect Karen is living in her limo, while Will becomes Mr. Stein's pet at the office.

    By singme_tosleep, Nov 18, 2006

    The opening scene in this episode is classic Will and Grace but doesn't quite redeem the rest of the episode.

    Will acts completely unprofessional at the office, acting more like a teenage boy as class president of the 8th grade than a lawyer (which in the past he'd always had a ego about). Nor do I believe Karen would ever live out of a limo. She's too cunning to not have some money stashed away.

    Inconsistency aside, the core cast did it's usual great job together, but some of the writing simply falls flat.

    Mr. Stein is written so painfully that it's awkward and uncomfortable to watch. But Gene Wilder does what he can with what they gave him. Some of his scenes go on way too long.

    Easily the best scene of the episode is in the limo while Karen, Rosie, Jack and Grace try to sleep. Karen: "Grace, that had better be your penis." Grace: "It's a thermos, but thank you." is a great joke with an even better payoff. And the comment about the three-way marriage with Maury Povich and Connie Chung? Classic Karen.moreless

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