Coffee & Commitment

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    When I saw this episode of Will & Grace I just laughed till I couldn't breath.

    By matrix103, Sep 15, 2007

    This is my #1 favorite episode of all time in the 3rd season. I love everything about this episode I loved the part when Jack bursts in to Grace Adler Designs and goes straight for the coffee maker and says to Karen "Why isn't there any coffee!" and then he got the paper coffee ground holder and starter squeezing it into his mouth I laughed till I cried when I saw that scene. This episode is hysterical and I also liked the part when their were at the wedding and then a waiter comes up to Jack and says "Would you like some coffee" and Jack says "YES!" and Karen says "NO!" and Jack was running for the coffee and Karen tripped him LOL!.moreless

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    A classic Will & Grace episode.

    By Johnny2544, Mar 06, 2007

    Yet another classic installment in the series Will & Grace. Season three is almost of legendary status in the sitcom realm due to virtually flawless episodes such as the following. When taken out of their regular environment the characters prove to shine just as brightly. Most of this episode takes place outside of the regular set of Will and Grace‚Äôs apartment which keeps the show fresh in my opinion. I always love when the characters are placed in different environments. Anyways, this episode shows a flaw in the relationship between Will and Grace was Will thinks Grace has become too dependant on him. In the end their relationship is strengthened and in-between there are plenty of laughs to go around. Highly recommended.moreless

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    I laughed some much, I cried.

    By izzieishot, Jan 05, 2007

    From the beginning of the episode when Jack enters the room where Grace and Will are fighting as usual it was Hilarious! I've been wanting to see the bloopers on all of that, im pretty sure he messed up more than once. They only show 1 or 2 scenes of the bloopers on Season 3 Dvd. That's a lot of stuff to memorize. That's what makes him a good actor! Jack addicted to Coffee! Once they arrived to the Wedding there's nothing but Coffee!!! But for me the best part of the show has got to be when Jack and Karen start slapping each other! Season's Best!moreless

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