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    Hilarious episode!

    By mvscali89, Apr 28, 2007

    I absolutely loved this episode. It was very hilarious. The fine example of Will vs. Grace with their personality. At first, when watching this episode, it makes you question Will and Grace's friendship because you can clearly see how different they are by how they treat their new neighbor. Then, at the end, it all evens out when they go back to the neighbors, apoligize, then join him (Ned) for a teaparty with him and his stuffed animals. Then, Jack and Karen were awesome in this episode, too. The part when Jack's co-worker asks "oh what is that ridiculous plastic thing doing back?" Then Jack answers: "Well, she's back and she brought her Cher doll with her." You would and I highly recommend to see the episode to understand the joke and that joke right there alone cheered me up enough to laugh about Jack and Karen "problems" and Will and Grace "problems". I love this episode!moreless

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