Courting Disaster

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  • Vince: License and registration, please.
    Karen: Certainly, officer. (Opens her jacket) Meet license and registration. (Jiggles one breast, then the other) We're very sorry, officer! Won't do it again!
    Will: You should've seen her at customs when they asked for her passport.

  • Will: (about Karen) Listen, officer, I realize she was going a little over the speed limit..And that's a ticket you're writing. Vince: Well, it isn't a poem about springtime in Cincinnati. Will: Why Cincinnati? Vince: First town I thought of. Actually, the second. But nobody would write a poem about Newark. Nothing rhymes with it. Will: What rhymes with Cincinnati? Vince: Just take the ticket.

  • Grace: When he was 17, he donated some sperm because he wanted to buy a leather coat. We used to call it his member-only jacket. But, you know, now that there's an actual life involved, we just call it a jacket.

  • Jack: (to Grace) Did you see that? That guy just whispered something to Stuart. I didn't trim hair out of that ear so some young hottie could whisper sweet nothings in it without getting hair in his mouth. I can't take it! I'm gonna go talk to him. Grace: Wait. Before you do anything, count to ten. Jack: Why? Grace: 'Cause Will said you couldn't.

  • Will: Watch out for that nun. Karen: (steering toward her) I'm on it! Will: No, no no!

  • Karen: Oh my gosh. That is the single scariest thing that has ever happened to me and I've seen Rosario at the beach!

  • Vince: You know how fast you were going? Karen: How could I, I was inside it?

  • Will: Oh, damn, it's a cop! Karen: I'm on it! Will: No no don't speed up!

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Trivia (3)

  • Vince is a friend of Joe and Larry. They have been trying to set up Will and Vince for years.

  • This is the first appearance of Bobby Canavale as "Vince."

  • At the end of the court session when Karen pulls the whoopee cushion gag, you see Will's chair right before he sits down and there's no whoopee cushion.

Allusions (1)

  • Will: Well, NYPD boo-hoo. This is a reference to the show NYPD Blue, which debuted in 1993.