Cowboys and Iranians

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  • Grace: I'm sorry, I got no sleep last night. I have three apartments to do by the end of the month... I think I'm going to have to hire another assistant for a while. And Karen's got her hands full carving penises into her desk and getting her real estate license online.

  • Beverley: William, what a surprise. I'm just having a drink here with my business associate, Benji. Will: The only surprise is that you're still trying to pass off Benji as your business associate in a middle of a gay bar. Beverley: This is a gay bar?! Why, I had no idea! I'm-a half a mind to storm out of here right this minute, but my other half wants to stay and finish my refreshing Lemon Drop.

  • Beverley: Well, well, well...if it isn't Karen Walker's friend. Where is your olive-skinned cohort? Don't you homosexuals always travel in pairs?

  • Jack: Wow. We were in a gay bar fight. Will: I know. And, oddly, not a single punch was thrown.

  • Jack: Look at me. I'm glowing. Will: Congratulations, Jack. Are you gonna find out the gender or do you want to be surprised? Jack: I'm not pregnant, I'm in love. Grace: Oh Jack, that's great. Are you gonna find out the gender or you want to be surprised?

  • Jack: (to Beverley & Benji) Well look how cute you two are... the black stallion and my little pony.

  • Will: Wow, a gay Western bar. Where's the mechanical bulldyke? Jack: Over there. And no man has ever stayed on her.

  • Grace Adler: Sometimes I wish I was a Republican, then I wouldn't have to care about anyone's feelings. The only thing I'd have to worry about is being indicted.

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Notes (1)

  • Will & Grace earned a 7.2/11 in the overnights, 8.84 million viewers and a 3.4/10 among adults 18-49 for this episode.

Trivia (3)

  • Continuity Goof: Will says in this episode that he doesn't like cowboys and doesn't find them sexy. However, in the Season 1 episode, "Will on Ice", Will expresses how he wants to have a "Real Cowboy" for his next birthday and Grace expresses how he has Cowboy magazines.

  • This is the first episode that Beverley Leslie has appeared in scenes without Karen.

  • When Pam says it's better to pray from an east facing wall she referes to the Jewish way of praying, facing Jerusalem, which in America means east.

Allusions (3)

  • Episode title: Cowboys and Iranians An obvious reference to the kids' game "Cowboys & Indians."

  • Grace: (hesitantly singing off-key) Bye-bye, Miss Iranian Pie. Drove my... Oxcart to the levee, but the levee was dry... This is a refence to the Don McClean song, "American Pie."

  • Karen: (As the phone is ringing) Hey, Princess Jasmine. Show time. This is a reference to Princess Jasmine from the Walt Disney film Aladdin.