East Side Story

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  • Grace: (contritely) Are you mad at me?
    Will: Yes, I'm furious!
    Grace: (in her normal voice) Oh, what else is new?

  • Deirdre: (to Will) And remember, I don't wanna see you anywhere near the Eastside.
    Monet: (roughly) Yeah!
    Deirdre: (to Monet) I don't like you butch.

  • Deirdre: (to Will and Grace) Yes, I have to tell you this is a new thing for us, we rarely go out. Monet: She likes me pale.

  • Monet: (Flirtatiously to Will) Goodbye.
    Deirdre: Keep it in your pants, Monet.

  • Deirdre: (to Will) We hear you and Grace have made a name for yourselves on the west side. Kudos.
    : Thank you.
    Deirdre: No, I see you haveĀ a box of Kudos on your desk.
    Will: Oh, would you like one?
    Deirdre: No, no, no. We don't eat.
    Monet: She likes me frail.

  • Deirdre: Meet Monet, my new associate, one of the hottest young designers in the city.
    Monet: (to Will) Hello.
    Deirdre: (to Monet) Stop looking at him, you're with women now.
    Monet: But I was just saying hello.
    Deirdre: You were gushing.

  • Karen: Honey, have you been asleep this whole time? Jack: Except when I peed. But I never got out of the bed.

  • Karen: (about Deirdre and Monet) They know everything, Will. Because they don't sleep with men, their other senses are heightened.

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  • John Edward is credited as a "Special Guest Appearance".

  • Ratings: 10.6/16. Ranked #9 for the week.

Allusions (1)

  • Episode Title: East Side Story This is a reference to the classic 1961 film "West Side Story."