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    When Jack said "Barry will you go out with me!" if I was Will I would have came up their and gave him a Karen Slap LOL!.

    By matrix103, Dec 07, 2007

    I thought the storyline and storyboard was well written. I'm glad that Will and Jack turned Barry into a gay man but Barry still has a long way to go. I think Will should have over come his fear and have asked Barry sooner than Jack. I loved the part when Karen and Beverly were sitting in the Salon chairs and Beverly started Laughing and Karen popped him on Nose and Beverly said "Ouch!" LOL!. And I also love the part when they announced the winner to the auction dinner and Karen says to Beverly "Your never the highest anything" LOL!.moreless

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  • 8.0

    This episode helped me prove something related to Pygmalion.

    By bowladdict, Nov 17, 2007

    Very funny story really. My class was told by our english teacher that Henry Higgins from the play Pygmalion was a misogynist. A friend of mine shouted out, "so, he's gay This led to a small debate and I found this episode the very same night. The next day I showed my teacher the part where Will said "if there was any romance in that story it's between Higgins and Pickering!" It left her speechless!

    That's what I love so much about the episodes in this season. Will is so convinced that there are many more gay couples than the people may realize. A fine example is when Karen told Will to speed up the proccess with her cousin Barry and Will answered that Barry was a man who "before today thought Batman and Robin JUST fought crime together". Hilarious.moreless

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