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    When Jack said "Barry will you go out with me!" if I was Will I would have came up their and gave him a Karen Slap LOL!.

    By matrix103, Dec 07, 2007

    I thought the storyline and storyboard was well written. I'm glad that Will and Jack turned Barry into a gay man but Barry still has a long way to go. I think Will should have over come his fear and have asked Barry sooner than Jack. I loved the part when Karen and Beverly were sitting in the Salon chairs and Beverly started Laughing and Karen popped him on Nose and Beverly said "Ouch!" LOL!. And I also love the part when they announced the winner to the auction dinner and Karen says to Beverly "Your never the highest anything" LOL!.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Will relizes his feelings for Barry

    By SMGslayer97, Dec 10, 2006

    Another great Barry episode, I particularly loved the fact that Will not only realizes his feelings for Barry but he realizes them after he already had a chance with the once far more confused young man. It's one of those juicy forms of retribution that tv so often let's us experience. I particularly love how cute and insecure Will is about the whole thing.

    Barry: Why did you do that? He seemed great.

    Jack: You just rejected one of the hottest guys here. Everyone will be talking about it. Look around. Your mystique level just went up, like, 158 points.

    Barry: Wow, 42 more, I can upgrade to business gay.moreless

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