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    Favorite Barry episode

    By SMGslayer97, Dec 10, 2006

    I thought that the character of Barry was a great guest role and I really think that this was his best episode. There were some really great comedic moments with Jack, Will, and himself.

    Overall this episode was particularly funny as well. Karen and her talking cookies had my cracking up!

    Karen: Now, come on, honey. I'm a little more together than you thinkā€¦

    Leo: Hey, hey! Anyone order a Cookie bouquet?

    Karen: The TALKING COOKIES! They're BAAAAAAAACK!! Voice: Karen! Karen?

    Karen: Leave me alone.

    Voice: Kaa-ren!

    Karen: PLEASE! What do you cookies want from me?

    Voice: We're not the cookies. We're the pencil sharpener.

    Karen: Oh thank God. For a second there, I thought the cookies were talking to me!moreless

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