Grace Expectations (2)

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Quotes (5)

  • Karen: So... things are really working out for you two, huh? Will: Hmm. Karen: Grace is having a baby and going to get her hubby back. You've got Seal. Everybody's got something but me. Will: What are you talking about? You're worth 740 million dollars. You-you've got a husband who adores you. And you have the dark gift of eternal life.

  • Grace: Man, that was a really good nap. What'd I miss? Will: Tuesday. You've been out for, like, twenty hours. Grace: No wonder I'm hungry. I've missed, like, seven meals. Will: Well, you are eating for two. Grace: Eating for two? Why would you say that I'm eating....aah! I'm pregnant! I totally forgot. I'm gonna be an unwed mother. Jack: No, you're not. You married James two days ago. Grace: Aah! I'm married! I totally forgot. Karen: Honey, you think that's upsetting, check this out. (She shows Grace her own reflection and reveals a messy looking Grace) Grace: AAAAHHHH!!! Karen: Yeah, I thought we get three.

  • Jack: Hey, what's in the bag, fag? Will: Oh, muffins from James. Do you think it's weird that he got them by cutting in line, and then lying about need them for his dying mother? Karen: No, not at all, honey. I mean, that's the same way we used to get bread and juice during the great depre-- (Will and Jack look at Karen) Karen: Eighties.

  • Grace: You sure you want me to do this? Okay he lied about his mother's death for muffins, he abandoned his physically disabled boyfriend but seriously, you will never gonna get a hotter guy than that. Will: He also said, 'how are we gonna shake the knocked-up redhead?' Grace: Back to Canada baldie!

  • Karen: Grace... you're gonna have a Jewish black baby. I believe that's called a macaroon.

Notes (1)

  • The original title of this episode was "Mate Expectations."

Trivia (1)

  • You can see that Debra Messing wears an engagement ring in a few scenes.

Allusions (1)

  • Episode Title: Grace Expectations This is a pun on the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations.