Head Case

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    Mega Fun Stuff!!

    By xxsitcomsxx, Jul 29, 2008

    Will and Grace's first problem after moving in together- Bathroom Space!

    Grace feels that she doesn't have enough space in her bathroom and plans to break through the dividing wall between the two bathrooms and create "One Big Beautiful Bathroom!"

    Will's reaction to this is absolutly fantastic, showing that he cannot handle change in large amounts, which he shares with Jack in what he calls "Mr. B*T*H Goes To Washington!"

    Grace is being driven crazy by Will being crazy and she vents it all to Karen, who is told that she needs to be a better assistant! Karen trying to be a better assistant to Grace is hilarious, as she attempts to do things that she's never done before. THis develops Karen's character into someone who has no idea how to survive in the real world!moreless

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    One of my favorite episodes.

    By BornToHum, Aug 08, 2005

    "Head Case" is easily one of my favorite episodes from season one. This episode is very well written and makes the plot of remodeling Will & Grace's bathrooms hilarious and easy to watch over and over again. It's amazing how you can tell this early in the series that the show is here to stay.

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