Head Case

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    In this episode Grace feels that she needs a bigger and better bathroom. This doesn't sit well with Will for he feels he has the right size of bathroom. Grace tries to redesign the bathrooms into one big one, but that turns into a huge mess!

    By RebaNell, Oct 26, 2007

    This episode is well written. I love pretty much everything about this episode. I love that Grace tries to design the new bathroom and it doesn't work. In a lot of shows the main characters are shown to be flawless. In this episode it shows that Grace Adler isn't flawless. This episode goes more into the lives of the characters. This is the first episode where the fans get to see more than one room of the house. They actually get to see Will's bathroom and the guest/Grace's bathroom. Any time where the show shows a new set it's exciting. It's when we finally get to dig a little deeper into the lives of our favorite cast! Overall, this episode was great!moreless

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    One of my favorite episodes.

    By BornToHum, Aug 08, 2005

    "Head Case" is easily one of my favorite episodes from season one. This episode is very well written and makes the plot of remodeling Will & Grace's bathrooms hilarious and easy to watch over and over again. It's amazing how you can tell this early in the series that the show is here to stay.

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