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    In this episode we learn the basis of their relationship.

    By Magory, Jun 12, 2006

    At the start of this episode, we find out that Will and Grace aren't "connecting" anymore. When they're together they don't know whats going on in each others lives and because of that have nothing to do together. For example: when they get together for a little party, Grace brings cheese for "cheese night". Will informs her he has been "off dairy" for 2 months. When Will pulls out a video and suggests "movie night". Grace tells Will that she has already seen that movie with Leo. But just at the end of the episode (while they're losing horribly to Joe, Larry, Bob and Ellen) they realise whats wrong. They discover they have to check up with each other about everything. They go back inside and win game night with only 3 seconds to go.moreless

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