I Love L. Gay

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (3)

  • Will: The reason that I blew you off...remember that guy that I thought was James in the lobby? It was him and he is amazing! Grace: Where is he? Introduce me. Will: (pause) Maybe later. Grace: What's the matter? You think I'm gonna turn him? Will: Turn him? He's already gay

  • Grace: I'm Grace, by the way. James: Oh... Will told me you're funny. Grace: Oh, that's sweet. James: That's why I didn't think it was you.

  • Will: (about James) Don't you see? We meet in New York, then a month later we run into each other in L.A.? It's fate. Grace: No, fate is me signing Kathy Griffin autographs for ten bucks a pop and running into her doing the same thing.

Trivia (7)

  • Jack's ring tone is his rendition of the 1979 hit "Ring My Bell" by Anita Ward.

  • We learn that James is a photographer and that his last name is Hanson.

  • This is Elliot's first appearance since the season 6 episode "I Never Cheered for my Father".

  • This episode marks Michael Angarano's (Elliot) final appearance on the show.

  • The kiss between Will & James is the first interracial same-sex kiss shown on network television.

  • The NBC and TV Guide synopsis for this episode had the gang traveling to Los Angeles so Jack could accept an award for "Jack Talk" -- Best Local Cable Gay Talk Show Host.

  • Joan Jaffrey Poust (the woman who thought Grace was comedienne Kathy Griffin) is series writer Tracy Poust's mother. She also appeared in the season 5 episode "Fagmalion Part Two: Attack of the Clones."

Allusions (1)

  • Title: I Love L.Gay This is a very obvious pun on the bumper sticker brigade - I Love LA, I heart LA, etc.