I Never Cheered For My Father

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Quotes (7)

  • Will: Mom, what is it you want? Marilyn: Well, I want Tina to keep seeing George. So he can sneak around with me behind her back. Will: You're quite the role model. Tina? Tina: Well, I want Marilyn out of the picture, so I can have George all to myself. I mean, this is the first time I've ever dated a man that I didn't have to call, let it ring once, and call back.

  • Tina: Hi, Marilyn. We finally meet. Though I've seen pictures of you when I removed them from your ex-husband's wallet. Marilyn: Well, I must say, you're almost exactly as I imagined you. You're like page four in the Midlife Crisis catalog.

  • Elliot: You know, maybe I should try out for track. Might as well. Once word gets out I tried out for cheerleading, I'll be running a lot anyway.

  • Karen: So, Elliot, queer leading tryouts, huh?
    Elliot: Cheerleading.
    Karen: Yeah. Well, we'll see what the kids are calling you when they're stuffing you in your locker on Monday.

  • Karen: (to Jack about Elliot) Wow, cheerleading, huh? Really following in his daddy's footsteps. I remember when Stan's son first started getting fat. Stan was so proud. I only wish he'd lived to see him reach 300 pounds.

  • (Will Enters in his "shorty" robe, then Marilyn Enters) Marilyn: Will, we have to talk. Will: Mom, what if I'd come out here wearing nothing? Marilyn: You mean it's possible to wear less than you're wearing right now.

  • Karen: Um, Elliott, yeah...I've got some bad news. Jack and I were figure-skating and he plunged through the ice, haven't heard from him since. Can I take a message? Ok, you're trying out for the cheerleading squad?
    Jack: (Jumping in) Brr, I'm back!

Notes (2)

  • This episode was originally titled "The Father, the Son, and. . .Holy Crap!"

  • Ratings: 8.9/15, 13.29 million viewers. Ranked #11 for the week.

Trivia (4)

  • Debra Messing (Grace) does not appear in this episode, though Will talked to Grace on the phone.

  • Debra Messing's son, Roman Walker Zelman, was born the day before this episode aired.

  • This is the only time Elliot appears this season, and is his first appearance since the season 5 episode "Field of Queens".

  • On one of the doors in Jack's apartment, there is a bumper sticker reading "Nurses do it with patience."

Allusions (1)

  • Episode Title: I Never Cheered for My Father This is a reference to the play, I Never Sang for My Father, written by Robert Anderson.