I Second That Emotion

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  • 8.7

    Not the greatest episode...but not the worst.

    By singme_tosleep, Nov 29, 2006

    While there are many who feel the show jumped the shark at the end of season 6 or near the beginning of season 7, I believe season 8 is when the writing simply went downhill.

    Most of the jokes fall flat, and a lot of the interaction with the four characters is more awkward than usual in this episode.

    The thing is, both these story lines were actually promising. Yet once again in this season, the jokes just aren't there. There is good emotional resonance from both the Karen and Will characters, which is nice to see. And the idea that anyone would think that Grace hates gays is a very funny idea, considering every bit of her long speech at the end is true. I give it an "above" for good story ideas, but barely an "average" for the humorless jokes.moreless

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  • 9.6

    This episode is really cool!

    By OeTvGreat, Jul 13, 2006

    Will is convince that Karen is really depressed about the fact that Stan is alive so she sends Rosario to Will's apartment, but Will is still convince that Karen is not taking out her feelings out, when he takes out a brick out of her solitude wall, she takes out all of her feelings that last all night, when Will confronts it about it, both of them discover that they should put the bricks back in the wall. Meanwhile, Jack edits an interview about Grace which ends up saying that Grace hates gays, which ends up Grace trying to win her happiness back. Really cool episode!moreless

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  • 9.1

    They say love never dies. People do, though.

    Except sometimes they don't.

    By Lokar, Feb 16, 2006

    Karen deals with the fact that the moving funeral for her husband Stan, in which she disposed of his ashes at sea, really amounted to just littering.

    Meanwhile, Grace appears as a guest on Jack's new t.v. show, but something in editing goes horribly wrong and a firestorm of controversy breaks out. Adler must then patch up her reputation in front of a community that has mistaken her for a bigot.

    Features an amazing conversation between Will and Karen, as Truman helps his friend work through her mixed feelings about her wayward spouse. An intelligent portrayal of characters who are more complex than you might think. A warm and clever episode all around.


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  • 8.4

    One of the better episodes.

    By casperp38, Oct 22, 2005

    Thoroughly enjoyed this episode due to its originality and surprising plots. Karen played the emotional wreck perfectly however it seems like now all Will does is whine about how he has nothing in his life. But Jack was hysterical as usual and this is a definite improvement over last year so far.

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