Love is in the Airplane

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Quotes (3)

  • Karen: Oh, Jackie. Great news, Jackie. I've got my little Rosie back. Now the only problem is Leni. Honey, would you be a dear and fire her for me? Jack: Okay. But I'm gonna need a heavy, blunt object. Karen: Fine. Rosie, go with him.

  • Rosario: [OVERLAPPING] How dare you talk to me like that! I don't take this from garbage from you! Karen: [OVERLAPPING] You waste of space! You leave more hair in the tub than you clean out it! I could shove a dust rag up a baboon's ass... Rosario: [OVERLAPPING] You are a nasty, disgusting pig! Karen: [OVERLAPPING] ...and he'd do a better job than you, you big armadillo! Karen God, I missed you so much! Rosario: I missed you too, mommy!

  • Will: You have no idea what I have been through since I smuggled you into first class. I got into a relationship, I broke up a relationship, somehow I became a flight attendant, everybody wants headsets, and of course, they only have twenties. So, you better tell me that you at least had a decent conversation with Leo. Grace: I slept with him Will: My God, you are a gay man.

Notes (1)

  • This is one of the few episodes in which Will & Grace's apartment is not seen at all. The set-up at the studio for filming this episode was different. Instead of W&G's apartment in the center set, the airplane set was there. The swing sets (side sets) where Karen's Manse bedroom and the coffee shop (that scene was cut).

Trivia (2)

  • The plotline is a callback to the very first episode of Will & Grace; Will tells Grace that she's destined to meet the love of her life during an airplane ride just like in a movie they saw.

  • This is Leo's first appearance since the season 7 episode "FYI: I Hurt, Too".

Allusions (2)

  • Jack: You'll have to catch me first, Scary Poppins. This is a funny reference to the famous nanny Mary Poppins, created by P. L. Travers in a series of books, but most well known from the film starring Julie Andrews.

  • Title: Love Is In The Airplane This is an obvious allusion to the 1978 John Paul Young song "Love Is In The Air".