Love Plus One

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Quotes (11)

  • Jack: I need you to make me smarter.
    Will: OK. I'll need a mad scientist, two electric switching helmets, and a willing monkey.

  • Will: (About one of Jack's customers) He's a cutie. Why don't you go talk to him?
    Jack: Oh, I... I can't.
    Will: You can't? You're not shy around men! You'd hit on the Pope, if he drove a better car!

  • Grace: Can you imagine me in a three-way?! (Will and Karen laugh) Karen: Honey I can barely imagine you in a two-way! (Both of them laugh even louder)

  • Grace: It was fantastic. There were so many arms and legs everywhere, Hindus were praying to us. Karen: Oh... You sleazy skank. Grace: What? Karen-- Karen: I gotta take the rest of the day off. The air in this room is ripe with filth. For God's sake, Grace. I'm a mother.

  • Grace: This is not me, ok? I'm a good girl from Schenectady. I went to Sunday school for 10 years. I was 16 before I let Bobby Kay go to second. So for me to come and participate in this is a big deal. So you two kiss and make up, because the three of us are gonna GET IT ON!

  • Jack: Oh, hey, Karen-- Karen: Ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka! I'm Anastasia Beaverhausen! Jack: Why are you using your alias? Karen: Because I passed a couple of bad checks here. You know, for sport.

  • Karen: Wilma. Will: Anastasia.

  • Will (to Jack): I just received a message saying you have a new job and you're going to buy me dinner. There's, like, 18 things wrong with that sentence.

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Notes (3)

  • The scene with Grace and Nicholas was interjected in the middle of a longer scene with Will and Jack because the crew didn't want to end the first act on the "proposal." It creates a goof where Jack is holding the same clothing he was holding in the same spot he was in when they cut away.

  • Patrick Dempsey was married to the mother of Corey Parker who played Josh, Grace's boyfriend, during the previous season.

  • Jeremy Piven was asked at the last minute to be on the show after the crew went through three other people. It's unknown who.

Trivia (4)

  • It's odd that Grace claimed to go to Sunday School for 10 years when she was younger because Sunday School is a practice in Christian churches and Grace is Jewish. Sabbath services in Jewish synagogues are held on Friday nights and Saturday mornings and children typically attend Hebrew School, not Sunday School.

  • In this episode Will says that the book Rabbit, Run is one of his favorites. This is the second time he's mentioned being a fan of author John Updike, the first was in the season 2 episode, "Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner".

  • Patrick Dempsey makes the comment "You and Jerry Lewis need to work on your act." Two years later, Sean Hayes played Jerry Lewis in a TV Movie about the career he had with Dean Martin.

  • Jack is now a sales associate at Banana Republic, which network heads were pushing for since it was odd that Jack never held a steady job in the series run.

Allusions (4)

  • Grace: So, where's Paula? Paula: I'm here. Hi, Grace. Grace: Hey, hey Paula. This is an allusion to the 1963 hit "Hey, Hey Paula" by the duo Paul & Paula.

  • Jack: His pants are ready...have lovelier words ever been uttered? Will: Say it soft and it's almost like praying. This is a reference to the song "Maria" from West Side Story.

  • Jack: Look at him, Will. He's perfection. So loverly. This is a reference to the musical My Fair Lady and its song "Wouldn't It Be Loverly".

  • When asked about the threesome Grace responds, "It was fantastic. There were so many arms and legs everywhere, Hindus were praying to us." This is an allusion to the multi-armed Hindu deity, Vishnu, one of the trinity of Gods, whose role is "the Preserver."