Me & Mr. Jones

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  • 8.5

    Will and his mom don't like living together, Grace steals exercise, and Jack is busy at his acting career.

    By daria22075, Aug 25, 2007

    This episode, for the most part, was really funny. The part that was so-so was the beginning of Jack's storyline. I don't find James Earl Jones to be that great of a comedian. I enjoyed that Leo wasn't featured in this episode, since I don't find him very funny either. The Sex and the City scene was hilarious as well as the gym scenes with Will and Grace. Jack's storyline seemed to have funny parts but at times drag. The best parts were the Sex and the City scene and when he's suppose to say his line but his grooming himself.moreless

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  • 9.0

    James Earl Jones does Jerry Lewis, sorta.

    By enzedmade, Jun 28, 2007

    James Earl Jones is hilarious in this episode. When the producer of the play he and Jack are in says that Jack is the only one acting, James signs up to be a part of Jack's class. Jack has him talking in a Jerry Lewis voice and then doing some "Sex In the City" lines - in a high-pitched voice. ROTFLMAO! This should be the A-story as we see Will and Grace at a gym with Grace "stealing exercise" from a Personal Trainer - who is helping a woman get a bigger bum and smaller breasts. But to see James Earl Jones taking his magnificent voice to a new level - Magnificent.moreless

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