New Will City

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Quotes (13)

  • Karen (as Stan puts his hand over Karen's breast): Dammit, Stanley, not in front of the help!

  • Grace: My love for you is like this scar: ugly, but permanent.

  • Karen: There are thousands of children in the Third World who rely on the 11 cents an hour my husband pays them!

  • Will: What's the problem? Last time we talked, you and Josh were clicking along. Grace: Yeah, but Ben and I are clicking along, too, and it's getting harder and harder to click two guys at the same time. Will: I thought this was the new you. I thought you were making up for the "head gear years."

  • Jack: Wait a minute, wait a minute..what's going on with you? I haven't seen you in the old spa lately. Grace: Jack, because you lie around there naked doesn't make it a spa. It's a laundry room.

  • Karen: Wilma, get your ass in the steam room ASAP. Stan's got some legal questions, oh and he's wearing the shorty robe, so if I were you, I'd pick a point on the wall and focus on it!

  • Karen: (In reference to Rosario being arrested) I'm not going to Queens, there are people living in cabs down there! Let her tunnel her way out!

  • Grace: I'm sorry to do this but I have a brunch, and I'd move it to later, but then it would be lunch!

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Notes (3)

  • This episode was filmed on August 8, 2000 at CBS Studio Center.

  • Ratings: 17.5/25, ranked #4 for the week This is the highest rated episode of the series' 8-year run.

  • There's a missing scene that was taken out before air just before Megan and Debra start to talk about Rosario. It makes a reference to Grace's outfit as "something not even a crack addict would get caught in." It was promptly taken out.

Trivia (5)

  • Goof: In the last scene when Karen and Rosario are in the limo, Karen pours herself a martini. As she's pouring it, you can see that there is no olive in the glass. Right after there is an olive in it, and then it disappears again.

  • It is revealed that Grace's middle name is Elizabeth.

  • Beginning with this episode, new opening credits are used, featuring a lineup of the main characters shown behind the show's logo. Shelley Morrison's name is also added to the opening credits as a regular cast member. However, this only occurs in episodes in which she appears.

  • When Karen is in the meeting with Will, Stanley's hand touches her breast. However, isn't Stan supposed to be huge? The hand that touches her doesn't lead one to believe it's from a large person.

  • Goof: Two of the plants that Will is watering switch places without being touched.

Allusions (4)

  • Karen: And while you were busy yapping it up with the she-men of Cell Block H I was doing double-time at the Mans. This is a reference to the Australian cult-classic series Prisoner: Cell Block H, famous world-wide for it's risky and controversial story lines and language.

  • Will: (about Grace's middle name) Because her mother loves Elizabeth Taylor. Debbie Reynolds, who plays Grace's mother, made headlines in the late 1950s when her husband, Eddie Fisher, left her to be with Elizabeth Taylor. When asked about the relationship in an interview, Taylor famously quipped: "What do you expect me to do? Sleep alone?"

  • Karen: Friend Wayne? Where ya goin'? Wayne, Wayne, don't go away! This is an allusion to the famous ending scene of the movie Shane.

  • Episode title: New Will City This is an allusion to the 1991 film New Jack City.