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    What is it with you and gloves!?!?!

    By SMGslayer97, Nov 06, 2006

    Vince: I'm gonna tell him, alright. I'm just waiting for the perfect time.

    Will: Unbelieveable news. I'm up for partner! And you mister, are taking me out to celebrate, I'm talking about the most expensive restaurant in the city

    Vince: I can't, I got fired.

    WILL: Thank God, you're here! If you were any later, you'd have really embarrassed me.

    VINCE: I got fired! WILL: What? What happened?

    VINCE: They had these diamond covered gloves and I was trying them on...

    WILL: What the hell is with you and gloves!? And then...the thing with Vince's horse...oh man! I can't help but crack up even thinking about it!moreless

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