Saving Grace

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Quotes (14)

  • Grace: I have a chance to design Nathan Barry's house.
    Jack: The publicist? That man RUINED my career!
    Will: Wait, wait. You had a career and you didn't tell me?

  • Will: I was just playing with you. Nathan: How boring. Do you enjoy playing games? Will: Yeah, I'm a big game player. One of my favorites is the 'Be Nice to Waiters' game. Yeah, if you win, you get to not go to hell.

  • Jack: Politically, I'm tolerant of the heterosexual lifestyle, but the actual act is rather revolting.

  • Karen: Oh, honey, you still doing the law thing? Will: Honey, you still doing the 'I married for love' thing? Karen: No.

  • Will: (to Grace about Nathan) I hope you get the job, but this guy is a creep. My god, he put the 'noxious' in obnoxious. Actually, he puts the 'ob' in it, too.

  • Nathan: Don't buy time by repeating what I say. I need to see where you live. Why would I hire a designer who lives in a dump? Grace: I'm not buying time by repeating what you say. I know you have to see where I live. Why would you hire a designer who lives in a dump?

  • Nathan: I like you. If you ever find yourself not working for her.. Karen: Oh, Nate...I find myself not working for her all the time.

  • Nathan: I don't really do humor.  And I really don't like it in others. 
    Grace: Oh, I'm not funny. Ask anyone.
    Karen: I'll vouch for that.

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Trivia (1)

  • Pay attention to the scene after Jack kisses Karen. After Jack and Will leave, and Karen faints, you can hear her hit the soft padding on the floor instead of the floor itself.

Allusions (4)

  • Will: Ok, let's try Potent Potables for 200.

    This is a reference to the game show Jeopardy.

  • Will: Dom & Jerry.  I always forget which one's the cat and which one's the mouse.

    This is a reference to the long-running cartoon series Tom & Jerry.

  • Jack & Will: Sunshine, and Rain. Sunshine, and Rain. A quick reference to the musical Babes In Toyland.

  • Jack: How do you solve a problem like Will Truman? The quick back and forth between Jack and Will, along with the line above is a quick reference to the musical The Sound Of Music.