Will & Grace

Strangers With Candice

Season 6, Ep 9, Aired 12/4/03
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  • Episode Description
  • Hoping to cheer up Grace, a well-dressed Will takes his best friend with him on a dinner date. When the date stands him up, Will catches the eye of a female patron – while Grace bumps into a guy with whom she once shared an ordinary, forgettable romantic encounter. Meanwhile, Karen takes student nurse Jack out to celebrate his school "success" – but the evening turns sour when Karen runs into her ultimate nemesis, Candice Bergen. The meeting sparks yet another round in the Bergen/Walker Prank War of 2003.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Eric McCormack

    Will Truman

  • Debra Messing

    Grace Adler

  • Megan Mullally

    Karen Walker

  • Sean Hayes

    Jack McFarland

  • James Burrows (II)

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  • The gang goes to dinner - and chaos ensues...

    By dcpgaus, Mar 04, 2007

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  • Quotes (8)

    • Will: We're not getting a table, let's just check our coats. (Takes his coat off)
      Grace: Good morning, vest!
      Jack: Uh.. mine's the tan Camry with the scratch on the side. (Pretends to hand his keys to Will)
      Will: What? This is totally now. It's very Master and Commander: Far Side of the World. It's a choice.
      Karen: Yes, but did you have to choose to be a lesbian comedienne, circa 1986? Ladies, am I right?

    • Stephanie: You're gay?
      Grace: How many straight guys do you know who wear vests?
      Will: Yeah, and how many single girls do you know... who don't wear a wedding ring?
      Grace: It's being resized.
      Will: Yeah, in your pocket, whore.

    • Jack: Karen, isn't that Candice Bergen, your mortal enemy slash best friend?
      Karen: Oh my god! This is a nightmare slash delightful!

    • Stephanie: You're gay? I thought this was a date!
      Will: You thought this was a date?
      Stephanie: Well, yeah. You complimented my appearance, bought me a drink, made me feel horrible about myself, we're on a date!

    • Jack: (to bartender) Excuse me, I am a student nurse and wanted to let you know if anyone is in need of a breast exam, I'd be happy to help. (pause) But men only OK? (later) Men. Only.

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    Notes (2)

    • Ratings: 9.3/14, 14.2 million viewers. Ranked #12 for the week.

    • Originally titled "The Last Supper."

    Allusions (3)

    • Candice Bergen joking about sex with Jack Nicholson is in reference to the 1971 film Carnal Knowledge in which she co-starred with him.

    • Karen: (to Candice) Hiya, Murphy. Karen references Candice's most popular character from the sitcom Murphy Brown, which ran from 1988 to 1998.

    • Episode Title: Strangers with Candice This is a clear reference to the short-lived Comedy Central afterschool-special spoof and movie Strangers with Candy, starring Amy Sedaris.

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