Swimming From Cambodia

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Quotes (7)

  • Will: So are you gonna stay in Brooklyn?
    Grace: Of course. It's my home.
    Will: Cause I was gonna ask if you wanted to move back in with me.
    Grace: Of course. It's my home!

  • Karen: You know how we should celebrate?
    Jack: Using Rosario as a tobaggen in Central Park?
    Karen: Yeah! Thank God it's winter, it wasn't as much fun in the spring.

  • Will: We're glad you're back. And you look great, tanned. Grace: Oh, it's a rub-on. Got it at the airport. Karen: I once got a rub-on at the airport. Or did I give a skycap a handy? Ah, all I know is I made 20 bucks.

  • Karen: (to Will & Jack) OK kids, we're back from the airport. Now listen, before Grace comes in, I just want to tell you she's been through a lot. So don't say anything about her brassy red hair and chapped face. Let's try to be nice, OK? She's still the same slutty, flat-chested Grace we grew up with. Grace: Ironically, my Aunt Honey made a similar speech when I came back from my freshman year in college.

  • Grace: There's a problem with my marriage, and I don't know how to fix it.

  • Jack: Flashcards? Parfaits? Fun!

  • (Karen approaches Nurse Carver from behind) Karen: Hello, sir. Is Nurse Carver here? Nurse Carver: I am Nurse Carver. Karen: Oh, I'm sorry. How rude. I forgot men can be nurses, too

Trivia (1)

  • Grace is back from her brief absence from the show, and she's having marital issues.

Allusions (4)

  • Karen recounts a fictitious tale about growing up in London in the 1960s and finding a handsome black teacher, a reference to the 1967 film To Sir, With Love, starring Sidney Poitier. She then sings a few lines from the title song to the film.

  • Jack: Look at us! Student nurses! We're like one big Benetton ad. This is a quick but clever allusion to the famous store and its use of multi-racial models in its advertising campaigns.

  • Jack: ...I was their Barberino. This is a quick reference to John Travolta's character, Barberino on Welcome Back, Kotter.

  • Episode Title: Swimming From Cambodia This is a clear reference to the 1987 film Swimming to Cambodia.