The Accidental Tsuris

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (3)

  • Karen: Lorraine Finster! You murdering bitch! You've got a lot of balls showing up here. Lorraine: No, I don't. My parents had them removed when they decided to raise me as a girl.

  • Lyle: Every mouth that I kiss will be your mouth. Every bottom that I slap will be your bottom. Every nipple that I tweak-- Grace: Please, one of us has to go! Karen (to Lyle): Get out. Lyle: Very well. But know this, every vagina-- Grace: GET OUT!!

  • Karen: I have searched the far corners of the globe for you. Where the hell have you been hiding? Lorraine: I've been in the chorus "Taboo", the Boy George musical.

Notes (2)

  • This is the second and final episode to be rated 15 in The U.K. The first episode was season 4 episode "Hocus Focus."

  • Ratings: 9.6/14, 14.95 million viewers. Ranked #13 for the week (#11 if football presentations are discounted).

Trivia (2)

  • Once again, although playing a series regular now, John Cleese is not actually credited at the end of the episode.

  • In this episode Janet gets a job at Ann Taylor. Geena Davis actually worked there as a window mannequin when she was living in New York trying to start her career.

Allusions (3)

  • Karen: Say it, don't spray it, Saliva Doolittle. This is a take on the lead character, Eliza Doolittle, from the musical My Fair Lady.

  • Karen: (to Lyle) Get lost, David Cop-a-feel. This is a reference to the book David Copperfield, written by Charles Dickens.

  • Episode Title: The Accidental Tsuris This is a reference to the 1988 film "The Accidental Tourist," for which Geena Davis (starring in this episode) won an Academy award for Best Supporting Actress.