The Big Vent

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (8)

  • Will: I bribed the super to fix the heating vent. His English isn't so great, but I think the deal is one of us has to sleep with him. Grace: I'll do it. As long as it's on top of this vent.

  • Will: Careful, girlie, you're going to end up with waffle face. This is pathetic, Grace. What, you come home early just to catch 'Days of Our Vent'? Grace: No. I thought I would cook shepherd's pie. Will: Pray tell, Julia Child, what's in shepherd's pie? Grace: Um... Shepherds? ... Sheep? ... Pie? Will: Sounds like a crock of sheep to me.

  • Karen: Your play stinks. Jack: It does? Which pages? Karen: Eh... the ones with words on them.

  • Karen: I don't produce theater. I am theater!

  • Will: Judy is ooey. Grace: Ooey is Judy? Will: Yes, it's... truey.

  • Karen: (Talking to Rosario over the phone) Listen, I'm gonna need you to feed the kids and read 'em something before bedtime. (Pauses while Rosario responds) Well, I don't know, honey. Why don't you read them that book they love? "Green Eggs and I'm Hammered."

  • Will: So now you're skipping work all together? Grace: I called in sick. Will: Called who? You're the boss. Grace: I know. It was a strange conversation. If I do it again, I'm gonna fire me.

  • Jack: What do you think of my glasses? What do they say? Will: They say, "Guys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses." Jack: And guys don't make passes at guys with fat asses.

Notes (1)

  • Although credited, Gary Grubbs (Harlin Polk) does not appear in this episode.

Trivia (1)

  • When Will comes home and finds Grace asleep on the vent, she sits straight up on her knees and we see her face. Look closely, even though her face was sitting right on the vent itself, we see no "vent pattern" impressed upon her face.

Allusions (6)

  • Grace: Evil, thy name is Ooey! This is a pun on the line "Frailty, thy name is woman!" from William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

  • Karen: Why don't you read them that book they love? "Green Eggs and I'm Hammered." A quick reference to the famous Dr. Seuss book "Green Eggs & Ham."

  • Jack: Funny, funny, funny, funny. Funny! Jack sings a parody of The O'Jays' "For the Love of Money".

  • Will: What, you come home early just to catch "Days of Our Vent?" A cheap reference to the longest running show in NBC history (not including news), Days of Our Lives.

  • Will: Ladies and gentleman, Grace: Unplugged. A quick reference to the famous MTV series Unplugged.

  • Will: Where's Mr. Kot-ter? An impersonation of Freddie 'Boom Boom' Washington from the show Welcome Back, Kotter.