The Buying Game

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    By xxsitcomsxx, Aug 03, 2008

    Grace wants to buy her office, so she enlists Will's help, but when Will uses a clever but offensive ruse to get the owner to the floor, Grace relises that Will doesn't think she is a good business woman.

    Meanwhil, Jack becomes a masseuse and has Karen as his first client, but she likes it so much she keeps him as her own.

    An excellent episode, filled with quips and some funky cheerleader style dancing from Mr. Jack McFarland. The final scene from Grace when she is talking to the owner of her office, complaining etc. It was cleverly done and perfectly executed.

    Also, Jack's entrance into the episode "Hit it! B-I-G-N-E-W-S, BIG NEWS!" he is an amazing character.

    Also more of a development of Karen, her voice now finding itself properly, finding her place in the sitcom.


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