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    What a disappointing finale....

    By JimGeor, Sep 26, 2013

    I totally agree with some of the reviewers here. The finale -for me- was so disappointing.

    The tone of the episode was "out of tune". .they tried to do it bitter-sweet, but for sure not funny.

    As for the story itself it cancelled the whole storyline and the characters' character.

    * Will and Grace were inseparable all these years and they just forgot each other because of their mates???? Wtf? In an episode they just forgot everything about their friendship. They didn't even give as a good and persuading reason why that happened.

    * a child has just appeared no questions asked.

    * not only Will and Grace didn't talk to each other, but they didn't even tell anything about their friendship to their children. Wtf again? The children had no idea of the existence of mum's/dad's bff for 20 years... GREAT!!

    * as for Jack, he sold himself as a gigolo to an elderly gay, although he was lucky that he disappeared.

    * Karen of course ended up with Jackie as a couple.. or not!

    What a miss....moreless

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    Brilliant sad and almost makes up for being unwatchable for the last four years

    By cale1234567, Sep 17, 2012

    The show bravely an beautifully finally addresses the main issue with the will and grace show and that being that their relationship is a toxic crutch that prevents either of them from moving on and finding happiness in lasting relationships.

    The bitter pill is that in order to move on their friendship must end in bitterness and recrimination and while they do finally get lives of there own and even grow as people(willl no longer so anal and grace a bit more anal)its still sad to see as much as it is heart-warming.

    They took a real risk with this ending and it paid off brilliantly even though they barely speak for 20 years in the flash forwards its nice to see them still having so much love for each other even if they can never be what they once were.

    Times change so do people

    will and grace is the story of two people who grew apart and became better for it.

    A remarkable complex and adult ending requiring multiple viewings



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  • 9.7

    The essence of the series was put into this episode.

    By SpanishPeanut, Oct 11, 2011

    There was little that anyone could do in order to make the series finale more spectacular than the show. The one thing that the writers were able to do was return to the main theme of the show: fate and friendship. The idea that Will and Grace were destined to be a part of each others lives is a common theme, and shows up numerous times in the finale. The idea that they always considered themselves to be family but never were was solved in the marriage between their children. Even Jack and Karen wound up together, and things worked out. I love happy endings and I love that this show tied up lose ends and was definitely a happily ever after.moreless

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    This ending RUINED the ENTIRE series for me.

    By kyravon, Mar 25, 2011

    I have never seen such a bad ending to a show!

    I felt insulting having watched it. It actually made me angry.

    The last episode basically makes a mockery of and negates the entire series! It insults the very idea of the close bond of friendships.

    I enjoyed watching the series because of Will & Grace's decades long and very close friendship. They were there for each other throughout everything and to think they would just "forget" each other and never make any time to see each other in 18 years just because they each find a spouse is incredibly sad. It makes a mockery of and devalues their friendship. Honestly it's like it went back to every previous episode and said no, none of this depth and emotion actually meant anything. That true friendship doesn't matter if you find "the right mate". Knowing the ending where they just "fall out of touch" as if they were mere aquaintances, I have a hard time watching reruns. I'm certainly no longer planning to buy any of the seasons on DVD now, I'm so angry. Seriously, still angry after all these months since I watched the finale.

    I've had friends who I've known for over a decade and despite having separate lives, living in other states and some of them having kids -- we all still try to stay in touch at least in some way. So it was extremely painful and sad to see that these close friends just let each other completely go -- and not even through a fight -- just from being too apathetic to set up an occasional lunch date?moreless

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    bye bye will and grace

    By csino1fan, Mar 03, 2011

    OMIGOD!!!!!! love the 'unforgetable' song between jack and karen. This was just the best end to any series. The last bit where there taking shots on the bar and hey turn younger and they are laughing. The best bit of the finale was how it happend to will and grace's kids and how they got together the same way grace and will did oooooooooooo just love it. Also loved the way that they all aged and karen hadnt changed a bit you've got to love karen, goodbye will and gracemoreless

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    Good but not great

    By angelspinknose, May 16, 2010

    The show ended on a sweet note. It picked up where last week's episode left off. The episode moved two years in to the future after that showing Will and Grace not speaking and realizing their friendship came to an end. It ended with Grace's daughter and Will's son meeting and getting married. A sweet ending to a good show.

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    22 years apart? I won't stand for it.

    By WB4Charmed, May 16, 2010

    I will admit, this was much better than the disappointingly predictable "Friends" finale. But, how could they be apart for that long? I can't believe that Will and Grace would just let their friendship lapse like that and not see each other for sooooo long. Like Will said, in that French film they saw in college the man and woman kept missing each other and then they met on a plane because that was how it was destined to be, but why would destiny want Will and Grace to be apart for that long?

    The Jack and Karen storyline was really great. They ended up in a role reversal where Jack was rich and he supported Karen, which was sweet and it showed that he really does love her, he wasn't just there for the money as it sometimes seemed. It was also so great when they sang together- when they touched stomachs after the song I burst into tears :'(

    Another great moment was when Will and Grace were on the phone at the end and the way it parallelled with the pilot: they were both alone, watching TV, George Clooney was mentioned. If only there had been a "Say 'Goodnight, Gracie,'" then it would have been perfect.

    One thing that I choose to take out of the finale is that it may not be true. After it said "two years later" and they weren't speaking I kept thinking "maybe this is just Will's nightmare- they can't be apart like that, it makes no sense." But of course, it wasn't. However, in the very last scene when they toast, it goes back to them at the ages they were at the beginning of the episode, so I choose to believe that it wasn't real (of course, it's a TV show, but I mean it wasn't how Will and Grace ended up) and that the producers/writers were saying "this is how we see them ending up, what do you think?" It's a strange analysis, I'm aware, but it makes me feel better. In my mind, they'll always be together- they'll end up how Karen and Jack did, together and happy. Or at least if Will and Grace are with Vince and Leo, respectively, then maybe they can just live across the hall again and still be best friends. If Will and Grace can't stay together...

    Also, could there be a more perfect song? Oh, Queen...moreless

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    A dissapoiting end to a funny series

    By Psiqueue, May 16, 2010 I know what happened to the parts of the Mad About You Finale the writers didn't use.

    I have been a bit behind in watching Will and Grace; at this point, I have only seen half of this last season so far. But, I was aware of what has been going on, and so I wasn't to shocked by the events at the end.

    What I was disappointed in was the blant use of a last guest star for the show. No, I am not referring to the appearance of Harry Conick Jr; no, I am talking about Kevin Bacon making an appearance as Jack's bride (?)...groom(?)...whatever. The guy has had one appearance on the show; isn't that enough. (And to further add to the suffering, it seemed like EVERY commerical break had Kevin shooting mock baskets in Hanes commericals. Oh, how far you have fallen, Kevin...)

    As for the future sequences- well, it was nice seeing how Will and Grace moved on; but I was a bit surprised when Grace's daughter and Will's son were the same age. I was under the impression that Grace was pregnant and was to give birth soon, and that Will's son was born from an surrogate mother, which would mean that either the mystery woman was already pregnant with the child, or that Grace held on to the baby for QUIET a while longer after the two parted ways. (Or a worse case, as they used in Mad About You- Grace had a miscarriage and that she got re-pregnant during their years apart).

    What I was glad to see was how, at the end, it was Grace and Will, talking on the phone together, while watching TV, just like how the series started (minus the whole- Gang drinking in the bar part).

    And don't get me started on the Jack/ Karen part- yes, I can see them moving in together and living their lives in sex free bliss...but what was the need to have Karen singing at the end!!! Although the belly bump was a nice finish.

    Overall, I was a bit disappointed in the ending; but then again, I still think on the better ending of a show was Star Trek:TNG, when the crew are still all together, playing cards, and ready for the next challenge around the bend. No big send offs, no good byes, no changes in the cast futures. (Also, I liked the ending of St. Elsewhere, but for different reasons).moreless

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  • 7.5

    Nice, touching, but slightly disappointing.

    By CosmosPurity, May 16, 2010

    To begin with, this was a VERY sad episode, especially the ending. But, that doesn\\\'t make it a good episode. Though some parts were funny, I have seen episodes that were MUCh funiier and that didn\\\'t rely on the toilet humour Will&Grace seem to have desperately integrated into the show.

    The teaser, that stupid dream, was a complete waste of time and was only used for cheap laughs. They could have established the fact that Grace didn\\\'t want to end up a sad, sorrowful woman with Will w/o having a dream sequence where Grace has a giant ass. Was that really integral to the plot?

    I think the whole time-jumping thing was equally annoying. Though it was nice to see how they turned out in the end, it would have been better as a linear episode.

    The ending was also a little disappointing. I\'m glad that their kids ended up together, but the last seen in the bar was a little preachy, and it ended with them all being young again. Not that I didn\\\'t like it, but it totally broke the fourth wall and made the ending seem intanglible. It just seemed like it was all nostalgic fun with no substance.


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    Meet Will and Grace: They're not a couple of best friends, they're FAMILY!!

    By wgchief, May 16, 2010

    And thats really the silver linining to the Finale. Yes it was sad that they didn't talk for 20 years(almost the same amount of time they were best friends 1985-2006), but now fate has brought them back together and they became family. And i believe that if they didnt lose touch thier children would have never gotten together.

    Another thing that i loved about this eppisode was the connection to eppisodes of the past. Of course everyone knows about the connection to the polit but there were other connections. First was the dream fight with Will that Grace had. The F@g-hag banter resembled the eppy that involved Will and Grace's professor when he stayed friends for too long. Another connection comes in during seasons three's eppy Coffee and Commitment. Where during the wedding Will states that he "wants that not this" reffering to a husband and a child, not just grace.

    Overall it was a great show and a great eppy.moreless

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