Will & Grace

The Honeymoon's Over

Season 5, Ep 10, Aired 12/5/02
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  • Episode Description
  • After a displaced Karen is booted from her Palace Hotel digs, a sympathetic Will agrees to let her move in with him—at least until she turns his apartment into a federal disaster zone with her exorbitant lifestyle, forcing Will to try and unload her onto Grace's shoulders. Meanwhile, Jack loses style points when he poses incognito out of fear that the "Gay Mafia" has it out for him.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Eric McCormack

    Will Truman

  • Debra Messing

    Grace Adler

  • Megan Mullally

    Karen Walker

  • Sean Hayes

    Jack McFarland

  • Shelley Morrison

    Rosario Salazar (Season 3 - 7 Recurring)

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (11)

    • Grace: (About Karen) Look what showed up on my doorstep.
      Will: Was she in a basket with a note pinned to her that read, 'Please take care of my baby. Love, Lucifer?'

    • Grace: (after Grace returns from her honeymoon) So they have these tours that take you down into some caves where you can see cave drawings by the indigenous people...
      Will: Uh-huh... and what did *you* do on your honeymoon?

    • Karen: Honey, I don't wanna live with Will anymore. Grace: Why? Karen: He has no sense of humor. He didn't laugh at all when that M-80 went off in his toilet.

    • Will: Great, they broke my novelty pen from last year's Gay Games. Now when you turn it, the high-diver's Speedo doesn't come off. What am I supposed to do with this pen now? Karen: I have a suggestion.

    • Will: (to Karen) Why don't you move in with one of your hallucinations?

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    Trivia (2)

    • Megan Mullally submitted this episode and "23" as her tapes for Emmy consideration this season. She lost for the third straight year to Doris Roberts.

    • While Will and Jack are eating breakfast, the bottle of milk's open in one shot but it's suddenly closed when Jack's shown from behind in the next...

    Allusions (7)

    • Jack: My name is Claude Remains. This is a reference to actor Claude Raines, who is probably best known for his role in Casablanca but for this reference it's most likely for his role in The Invisible Man since Jack is trying to disappear.

    • Will: OK, here's the plan. Call Dorothy, tell her to meet you at the Yellow Brick Road. When you get to the end of the road you'll see a man...ask him for a brain. This is one of the series' many references to The Wizard Of Oz.

    • Karen: Hey Sam, hey Diane... Karen is referring to the two lead characters from the NBC series Cheers.

    • Karen: What? Stan? Who said anything about One-Ton Phooey? Karen makes an obscure reference to the 1974 cartoon Hong Kong Phooey, a kung-fu-fighting dog voiced by Scatman Crothers.

    • Will: Are they gonna make you a coiffure you can't refuse? This is a reference to the famous 'I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse' quote from the 1972 movie The Godfather.

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