The Mourning Son

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  • Jordy: The last time I saw Grandpa, we were in the backyard playing baseball. Well, actually, we played A League of Their Own. He was Tom Hanks. I was everybody else.

  • (Karen finishes writing up something on a note pad whilst sitting next to Tina) Karen: All right. This should be everything you need to know to have an affair with Stan. Directions to the manse, the security code, and of course, a diagram of his body. The part with the arrow next to it is where you'll want to focus. Tina: Oh, thank you. I never would have guessed to look there.

  • Marilyn: Thank you for being George's... companion during-- during those years in the middle when he... put on a little weight Tina: Oh, no problem. Truth is, I kind of like 'em a little fat (Marilyn walks away, as Karen scrambles on the sofa, jumps over the back of it and runs up to Tina) Karen: Excuse me, miss, how fat are you willing to go?

  • Ellen: This is so great. All of us together, sharing stories. Rob: I love you, honey. Ellen: Rob, why do you always have to ruin the moment?

  • Karen: (To Will) You know, honey, normally my motto is 'Drugs, Not Hugs'. But today I feel different. Come on. (She hugs Will)

  • Grace: I feel so badly for his little gay nephew, Jordie. He was so upset. Karen: Jordie. Which one was he? Grace: The nine year old, with the little black funeral shawl. He sang "Sunrise Sunset." Karen: Then you're gonna love it the next time Stan dies and I sing "Happy Days are Here Again"! Ugh. I suppose I could tolerate it if he just wasn't coming at me for sex every minute! Ugh. Grace, would you be willing to-- Grace: No.

  • Karen: You know, Marilyn, my husband may not be dead but my love for him is. So if you ever need a drinking buddy, I'll drink with you. Or if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, I'll drink with you. I guess what I'm trying to say is...I love to drink!

  • Grace: You and I fight all the time. There's almost a statistical impossibility that you and I are not gonna be in the fight when we die. Will: Don't say statistics to me. I took your statistics final for you! Grace: Yeah....and I still got a C.

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Trivia (2)

  • This is Tina's first appearance since the season 6 episode "I Never Cheered for my Father". This episode also marks her final appearance in the series. Additionally, this episode marks the final appearances of Marilyn Truman, Joe & Larry, and Rob & Ellen.

  • In "A Little Christmas Queer", Steven Weber was listed as a "Guest star", and in this episode, as a "Special guest star".

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  • Episode Title: The Mourning Son This is a pun on the morning sun.