The Third Wheel Gets The Grace

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  • Nathan: (to Jack) We mate, we're straight, get used to it!

  • Karen: (suspiciously) What is going on with you? You've never had a hard time spending my money before. Rosario: You want the truth? Karen: Not if it's long. Rosario: What if I said I didn't want any of these things? Karen: I'd say you were crazy. Rosario: What if I said I've just been stalling so I could spend more time with you? Karen: I'd say you were a lesbian. Rosario: What if I said that's all I wanted for our anniversary? Karen: I'd say you were a crazy lesbian.

  • Grace: Morning, sweety. Your thoughtful girlfriend bought you a turkey and cheese croissant. Nathan: I'm a vegetarian. Grace: Which is why your thoughtful girlfriend ate it.

  • Jack: I’m telling you, they’re joined at the unhip.

  • Nathan: (about Grace) Oh, I get it...I'm supposed to be threatened by her friendship with Will. Well, I think it's great. I've tried to have women friends but they always end up...pregnant.

  • Grace: Ok, does this make me look fat? Nathan: A little. Grace: What? What? Did you really just say that? Nathan: Don't you want to look a little fatter? Grace: Try again. Nathan: Uh... Well, you're very skinny, Grace. Grace: Well, Nathan, what are you saying? Am I fat or am I skinny? Nathan: Um, I... I'm afraid to go on.

  • Rosario: Don't you remember what today is? Karen: Yeah. It's national Scrub Your Toilet day, and I think you should get home and start celebrating!

  • Will: These are men's jeans. Nathan: Willard, relax. It's a very smart-looking pant. It'll save you having to tell people you're gay.

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Notes (1)

  • The opening credits are once again revamped. They now feature assorted shots of the cast members taken from different episodes.

Allusions (2)

  • Grace: You know what I thought I could wear with this? Will: Yeah, and I wouldn't. Grace: Why not? Wouldn't it make me look like... Will: Yeah, but in Planet Of The Apes, not Room With A View. Will and Grace are obviously thinking of Helena Bonham Carter, who starred in both movies.

  • Karen: (having being surprised by Rosario) I thought you were the Chupacabra. A reference to the fabled creature of urban legend, the Chupacabra (literally 'goat sucker' in Spanish). It's a creature that is supposed to kill animals and maybe even people.