Three's A Crowd, Six Is A Freak Show

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Quotes (9)

  • Will: Can we just agree that neither of us gets to date Paul?
    Jack: But I love him.
    Will: No, you don't.
    Jack: Maybe I'm just in love with love.
    Will: Maybe you're just an idiot.

  • Mark: Are you kidding me? You want me to feel sorry for you? Grace: No, I want you to put your sock back on. Mark: Ok, fine. (Mark picks up something off the floor) Oh, and, by the way, here's your freckle. I almost tripped over it on my way to the elevator. Good night. Grace: Oh, yay. I can wear lipstick again.

  • Salesman: This video game makes a nice birthday gift. Do you think your stepson would like that? Karen: I don't know, honey. Can he eat it or rub up against it? Salesman: Let's come at this a different way. What are his interests? Karen: Ham.

  • Karen: Fat people are so insensitive.

  • Jack: Grace, I came by to return your electric toothbrush. Grace: You used my toothbrush? Jack: Relax, I didn't use it on my teeth.

  • Jack: I got a hot date tonight. Told him I was an ombudsman. I only have 12 hours to figure out what the hell that is.

  • Jack: Don't shake your head at me! I called dibs on him at that party! Will: Jack, how am I supposed to keep track? You call dibs on every guy you see. Last week you called dibs on Kevin Bacon. Jack: Le Bacon and I had a moment. Will: Some say "moment." Some say "security incident." Jack: Anyway, Paul is into me. Will: Oh, please! He is so much more into me. We had an eight-hour date, which I know is hard for you to understand, seeing as you have eight dates an hour.

  • Grace: On the Discovery Channel, they found a tumor in this guy, and it had mini-teeth and mini-hair. And when they poked it, the tumor went "Ow." Will: It did not say, "Ow." Grace: Well, if it'd had mini-lips, it would've. It moved. That thing had emotions. It had emotions, Will.

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Notes (1)

  • This episode was filmed on August 22, 2000 at CBS Studio Center.

Trivia (1)

  • The small, black leather cushion which is in front of a larger, two-tone grey cushion on Will's sofa moves in the scene where Will is arguing with Jack about continuing to see Paul from an upright position to a more horizontal position.

Allusions (2)

  • Jack: You know, it just doesn't make any sense, Will. It's none-sense.
    A funny line pertaining to the musical Nunsense.

  • Will: Very logical, Mr. Spock. Date well and prosper.
    A quick and funny reference to Star Trek.