Von Trapped

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Quotes (6)

  • Grace: Do you think people can tell I'm Maria even though I don't have my Captain Von Trapp? Karen: Of course, honey. You make a perfect Maria...you're sweet and perky and you're obviously not cut out to be a nun. (pause) Cause you're a whore. Grace: Thanks, Karen. Karen: And a Jew... Grace: Yeah, I got it!

  • Grace: (Waiting for Will at the theater, along with several kids whose parents dropped them off) Where the hell is Will? Oldest Girl: We don't know. So please stop asking us.

  • Jack: I bought us some sodas and Ralph gave me Fireballs. Karen: Try not to itch, honey, it only makes them worse.

  • Grace: You know what I do when I feel scared? Jack: Fart a little and then deny it? Grace: No... well, after that.

  • Grace: What kind of parents do you have? Girl: Well, they left me here with you.

  • Karen: I was just in the bathroom and what do you know? I just scored a few of my favourite things.

Notes (1)

  • This is the first episode aired after the show moved to the Thursday 8:00 slot.

Allusions (2)

  • Rosario dressing as a nun is a comical reference to her role as Sister Sixto in the 1967-70 series The Flying Nun, starring Sally Field.

  • Episode Title: Von Trapped This is a reference to the 1965 classic film The Sound of Music, particularly the Austrian Von Trapp family on which the movie was based.