Went To A Garden Potty

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  • Grace: Okay! Okay I did it! I'm the gnome wrecker!

  • Karen: And now to present you with your very first paycheck, and no your eyes aren't deceiving you that's two zeroes behind that one.

  • Jack: (to Zandra) I just wanted to let you know that I turned down a job that literally payed TENS of dollars.

  • Jack: Zandra, what about all that stuff you're always saying about how we need to make tough choices in our careers? Zandra: Well, that only applies to people who have careers! And you go back to this brainless fart who gave you this part in the first place and you get down on your knees... and you beg... like a gypsy in an airport... for your job back!

  • Zandra: If I still smoked, I would take my Parliament and stick it in your eye! sighs Oh, what the hell. I'm just gonna jab you with this dirty fork.

  • Zandra: This better be good. You're taking time away from my slow, agonizing march toward death. Jack: Well, I won't keep you...

  • Jack: I'm typecast! Pigeon-chested! Corn-holed!

  • Karen: Honey, that was really moving. You know, I think I got a little misty....down there.

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Trivia (3)

  • Tom Poston, who plays Norman, is married to actress Suzanne Pleshette, who would go on to play Karen's mother.

  • Goof: In the first scene with Norman, Karen is wearing a black dress and a single line of pearls. The position of the pearls changes from shot to shot, despite the fact that she never touches them.

  • Hayes selected this episode and "A Chorus Lie" as his tapes for Emmy consideration this season. He lost to Brad Garrett.