Whatever Happened to Baby Gin?

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Quotes (17)

  • Grace: Wait, does that say "The Vadge"? Karen: Yeah, that's the last time I place an order with Kinkos over the phone. You know maybe I should have said "B as in Boy" instead of "B as in Bagina". Grace: Yeah, it's unfortunate that the show's tag-line is "Go deep inside a hidden world that few dare to enter".

  • Jack:(To Karen and Gin) Wow! The resemblance in uncanny. Meaning, both of you have huge cans.

  • Jack: (sighing) Moe is me.

  • Vince: Will, I'm an old fashioned homosexual. To me family is two guys, some mid-century furniture, and a baby that doesn't look like either one of us.

  • Gin: It was a crisp fall day, the country was still in shock over the assassination of the president. Will: Okay, I'm 90% sure she's talking about Kennedy of Garfield. Gin: Father had just brought home a new game called croquet. Vince: Could be Garfield. Will: Could be Lincoln.

  • Karen: What do you think I'm talking about when I say "Boy, do I love Gin"? or "I can't get though the day without Gin"? "That Gin gave me such a headache last night"? Geez, next thing you know you'll tell me I never mentioned my brother-in-law Johnny Walker!

  • Jack: Wow, this baby name book is really great! Oh, here's a pretty one: Clitorisa. Will: That's Clarissa. Jack: Oh, that's just gross.

  • Jack: But..you're so manly. Josh: I know. But all the top leading men are dubbed. Jack: Really? What about the bottom?

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Notes (3)

  • This episode marks the final appearance of Charles C. Stevenson Jr. as "Smitty".

  • At the end of the script for this episode, it stated FADE OUT: TO BE CONTINUED.... However, this did not appear on-screen when the episode aired.

  • Upon its original airing, this was a 40-minute “super size” episode, the first time NBC aired such an episode since the season 7 premiere "FYI: I Hurt, Too". Some scenes are cut in the syndicated version of the episode.

Allusions (3)

  • Jack referring to Josh Lucas as "J-Lu" is a reference to singer Jennifer Lopez's nickname, "J-Lo".

  • Jack: Oh, my Sweet Home Alabama it's Josh Lucas. This is a reference to the 2002 film, Sweet Home Alabama, in which the guest star of this episode, Josh Lucas, appeared.

  • Episode title: Whatever Happened to Baby Gin? This is an allusion to the 1962 classic film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.