Whoa, Nelly

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    Love this episode.

    By mvscali89, May 03, 2007

    I love how this episode was written. It is brillant that Jack and Karen would get a horse. You would think it would be fine and normal for Jack because we hear of his past pets from childhood and also Guapo and Klaus von Puppy. And for Karen it isn't so much unusual, just the "pet" factor and responsibility. I think (believe) that there are horses mentioned and Karen mentions owning a horse. And I can see Megan owning a horse even though that isn't known (by me). The best or line I remember right now is the scene where Karen takes Grace's bed blanket, Grace asks why and what is she doing and Karen says "Well, I'm going to wash it before I give it to the horse! (wierd look on her face and Grace looks different too). I also love the subplot with Will and Grace fixing gay Larry (Tim Bagley) with Tina, a straight mistress. The line I remember from that is in the beginning when Will was denying everything Grace was saying to Larry about the pot or something she let (lets) him borrow and Grace sees him but doesn't tell him, then close to the end before the credits, Grace says a stupid line and waits for Will to do something and as she is finishing the line, she and Will knows he can't do anything to that, so she turns and says "There's a mirror right there!" Love this episode!moreless

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  • 9.2

    Will tries to stymie his father's unethical behavior while Karen, well, Karen *is* unethical behavior. Walker invests in a racehorse.

    By Lokar, Jan 27, 2006

    Will, heartbroken that his dad is unfaithful, tries to foil his father's paramour by getting her somebody else.

    Meanwhile, Karen banks it all on the ponies, with the purchase of a racehorse. She at first frets over its health and living conditions. Then she discovers that the horse has a more active love life than she does. Which is saying something.

    Jack, as usual, plays the part of calming her down, getting her to see the humanity in every horse and that Nature intended the animals to roam free and love whom they wanted. Oh, and make their owners a heck of a lot of money.

    Good showcase for Karen and Jack's very odd but true sense of helping each other in times of trouble.moreless

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