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  • 9.5

    One of my favorites.

    By singme_tosleep, Apr 28, 2008

    Although they really did go overboard with their guest stars, Demi Moore in this really was absolutely pitch-perfect. She was hilarious in a hilarious episode. Her and Sean play off each other really well, and Erick McCormick was on top of his game in this one.

    And I really loved Grace story line in this episode as well. It was nice to see her with the girls and there were some great lines given to Karen. (I loved the party mix bit. Good stuff.) It was nice to reveal Karen's desire to gain Grace's approval.

    Good solid writing and acting all around in this one.moreless

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    Very good episode of Will & Grace.

    By mvscali89, May 01, 2007

    I love that this episode shows that Karen does kind of have feelings. There was also humor that I think may have interferred with her acting (Megan's acting) but Willl & Grace is a comedy so there really isn't anything that wrong with that. It was very funny when Jack thinks he needs a babysitter then Will says he doesn't so he sets Will up and Sisi makes Will feel great by babysitting him even though he never asked for it. It was also funny when Jack was says "How dare you call me a grown man" I think that that line is creative of the writers to add because it shows just how Jack thinks and what Will thinks of him. Karen and Grace also seem different in this episode which makes it a little difficult to see them as themselves but I still love this episode.moreless

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