Yours, Mine Or Ours

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    This episode can be summed up in three words - Best Episode Ever

    By willandgracefan, Oct 14, 2005

    How funny can this episode from season 1 be? So funny.

    Will and Grace meeting the same guy and both having dates with him. So great. One of my favourite parts of this episode is when Grace is getting ready for her date and she tries on her new shoes..."these are great, these'll work" and she is walking around the apartment and then "ow, ow painful, painful, numb" funny!

    and then when they're at the guy's apartment and he goes to check on dinner grace goes..."ahhh Mumbassa" imitating funny and then will goes "i hate my smile" imitating grace and then they imitate each others great.

    and when they tell jack about this guy and jack says "i know one question you can ask him....are you gay?"

    i was cracking up good i'll watch it againmoreless

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