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  • S 8 : Ep 24

    Final Approach (2)

    Aired 5/21/97

  • S 8 : Ep 23

    Final Approach (1)

    Aired 5/21/97

  • S 8 : Ep 23

    Final Approach, Part 1


  • S 8 : Ep 22

    Raging Bullsh@t

    Aired 5/14/97

  • S 8 : Ep 21

    Oedipus Wrecks

    Aired 5/7/97

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tony Shalhoub

    Antonio Scarpacci (Seasons 2 - 8, Recurring Previously)

  • Steven Weber

    Brian Hackett

  • Thomas Haden Church

    Lowell Mather (Seasons 1-6)

  • Amy Yasbeck

    Casey Chappel Davenport (Seasons 6-8)

  • Timothy Daly

    Joe Hackett

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  • show Description
  • The series Wings, could best be described as Cheers 2, as it followed much the same pattern as the other series did. The similarities are numerous, such as both being easy going character comedies and being produced by the same team (David Angell, Peter Casey and David Lee). The main difference being the setting. Instead of a Boston bar being the main setting, a small airport terminal on the island of Nantucket was used as the main backdrop. The regular "gang" included brothers Joe and Brian Hackett, both pilots, who ran a one-plane local cummuter service called Sandpiper Air. They had little else in common. Joe was button-down, organized and serious, and Brian, a hang loose, free spirit. Thier mutual best friend since childhood was Helen, a once chubby but now beautiful aspiring concert cellist who ran the lunch counter. These three lifelong friends were the "three musketeers". The other regulars included, Faye, Sandpipers rather flighty but always perky, sixtyish ex-stewardess who ran the ticket counter; Lowell Mather, the eccentric airport mechanic and Roy, the loud mouth blow hard who ran rival airline Aeromass.moreless

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    • Brian : Excuse me, excuse me, hi. I'm looking for the owner of Aeromass Airlines, I've gotta shake his hand. Roy : That'd be me. Roy Biggins. Brian : Hi. Roy : And you are? Brian : Call me Brian. Roy : Brian. Brian : I just came off one of your flights and sir you are a genius. Roy : I am? Brian : Oh you bet you are. I mean I've heard of some creative cost cutting measures before but getting rid of the life jackets, it's inspired. Sure tell them they're under the seats but nobody ever checks so why have 'em. Roy : They are so under the seats. Brian : Oh sure they are, sure they are. Oh and getting a pilot fresh out of flight school must have saved you some serious coin, huh? Nice kid too, had a couple of drinks with him before the flight. It's too bad about that eye operation though but it's like he said, how often do you have to look left anyway.

    • Brian : Good old St. Joe. Joe : Stop it right there, Brian. Brian : Solid citizen Joe, he always does the right thing. You know I bet you don't even tear that stupid tag off the mattress. Joe : It says 'do not remove.' Brian : I knew it.

    • Brian : You look a little tired. Joe : No, I'm fine. Brian : Hey, I know you Joe. You're the best pilot around but you're doing too much. You're running the office, you're flying the planes you keep this pace up you're gonna end up like Howard Hughes, locked in a hotel, sitting on Kleenex, sucking apple sauce through a straw. Lowell : Isn't that something. All that money and his hobbies are the same as mine. Brian : Really? He also used to collect toenail clippings and keep them in a mason jar. Lowell : This is uncanny.

    • Fay: You've got six passengers and a crate of lobsters that have to be delivered alive. The lobsters, not the people. Although I'm sure the people would appreciate it too.

    • Fay: For those of you going out to meet arriving passengers, we found out, due to one particularly nasty incident, it's best to wait for the propellers to come to a complete stop.

    • Joe: It never fails, every time I fly, I come back a little surer there's a god. Lowell: I go down to the dump and shoot rats.

    • Joe: Ok now, remember Brian, whatever is in this suitcase, we split in two. Brian: What if it's a puppy?

    • Brian: Whoa! Major hooters!

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    Notes (85)

    • Helen establishes in this episode that she used to be seriously overweight when she was younger, and it becomes clear that Joe is compulsively neat. This is the first of many times that the writers of "Friends" seem to have "borrowed" material from "Wings," when they combined these two issues for the character of Monica Geller.

    • During this episode and for part of the next, Joe, Brian, Helen, and Carol are supposedly on the observation deck of the Prudential Building in Boston. However, as anyone who has visited this place knows, this looks nothing like the actual place.

    • Moves to a New Night and Time,Friday @ 9:30.

    • George Wendt (Norm Peterson) and John Ratzenberger (Cliff Clavin) crossover their roles from Cheers.

    • This is one of many situations in which the later NBC hit "Friends" seems to have borrowed character traits and plotlines from "Wings." Note the similarity in what happens between Helen and Joe when they begin making out to what occurs in the "Friends" episode "The One Where Ross and Rachel...You Know" several years later, in which at first the two start kissing and can't stop laughing, and eventually things grow serious and heated.

    • Behind the Scenes: This episode was actually produced during the first season but held from broadcast because NBC had reservations about a relatively new show tackling such controversial subject matter. They finally aired the show during Wings's second season, when they had had time to establish themselves.

    • This is one of only two episodes where we get to see the inside of the control tower.

    • Moves to a New Night and Time,Thursday @ 9:30.

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    Trivia (62)

    • Goof: Although Lowell was definitely around when Joe, Brian, and Helen were growing up, and they may not have known who he was, they don't appear to have known him personally at the time (as Helen's comment "We didn't even know you then" in "This Old House" would indicate). It's hardly surprising that Brian would fail to recognize someone he hadn't seen in years who he barely knew in the first place.

    • Goof: Brian doesn't know who Lowell is, but in later episodes everyone seems to have been familiar with Lowell since they were children. In the second part of "Burnin' Down the House," Joe and Brian's dad refers to Lowell as the "Mather Boy" who Joe ran into with his bike when they were little. Several other episodes, such as "Remembrance of Flings Past" and "Miss Jenkins," even indicate that Joe, Brian and Helen went to school with Lowell.

    • Scenes from the previous episode are shown out of sequence.

    • Trivia: The ending of this episode is basically an exact copy of the ending to the Cheers episode "Sisterly Love," which premiered just a year before this episode. Both endings involved a gun and a fake death.

    • Goof: In the scene where Fay is talking to Lowell on the walkie-talkie she is properly holding down the mic key when she speaks, but in the middle of the scene she does not use the mic key at all and yet is still able to transmit to Lowell.

    • Talking about who was the first man in space, Joe claimed it was John Glenn, Tinsdale claimed it was Wally Schirra, and Mrs. Tinsdale said it was Alan Shepard. The first man in space was Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

    • Goof: Notice Helen's reaction during the Trivial Pursuit game when Joe asks a question where Ann-Margret is the real answer. She's obviously trying not to crack up during this scene.

    • Commentary: The goofy sub plot in this episode involves Lowell, the resident clown, attempting to make a video for the fictional series "America's Wackiest Videos." An obvious take-off on the ABC hit of the time "America's Funniest Home Videos." It is interesting to note how many series in the mid to late 90's had similar plots or mentions of fictional video shows such as "AFV." I think it goes to show you how engrained in American pop culture the original show has become.

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    Allusions (81)

    • The episode title is an obvious reference to Jules Verne's novel and the Mike Todd motion picture Around the World in 80 Days.

    • The episode title is an obvious riff on one of the oldest dirty limericks around, There once was a man from Nantucket....

    • The episode title is a pun of the Three Musketeers' adage: All for one and one for all.

    • The title alludes to the Steven Sondheim Broadway musical A Little Night Music, which itself is taken from the English translation of the title of Mozart's serenade "Eine kleine Nachtmusik."

    • The title alludes to one of the question categories in the Genus (standard) edition of Trivial Pursuit.

    • The episode title is a pun of the popular quote, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," which in turn is taken from a line from William Congreve's 1697 play, The Mourning Bride: Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.

    • The title alludes to "There's always room for Jell-O," an advertising slogan for Jell-O® brand gelatin since 1964.

    • At Fay's house, Joe mentions a commercial on the Japanese television station that "that lady" can't get up in Japan, either. This references the infamous MedicAlert bracelet commercial that was airing at the time, which featured the tag line, "I've fallen and I can't get up."

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  • Two brothers fly planes while dealing with their crazy and weird friends back at the airport.

    By GameraTrekkie, Jan 18, 2009

  • Midly funny show about a pilot working to keep a small airplane business running while trying deal with friends, family and locals at the same time.

    By TheRougeMonk16, Dec 18, 2008

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