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    It's back - Now showing on the Reelz channel!

    By MargaretGenti, Feb 29, 2012

    I just discovered that it is back on tv, on the Reelz channel. in my area it's on from Monday thru Friday, from 2-3 pm.

    It's so good to see this cast of talented actors back when they were unknown, not to mention the guest appearances of many other present-day famous actors.

    I love this light hearted show, funny jokes and great story lines. So what if it's 20 years old, it still makes me laugh as much now as it did back then, and sometimes even more. Charming, cleverly written shows never go out of style. It would really be great to see them do a reunion show.


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    Not so cool!

    By da_dunker, Oct 04, 2011

    This show had me from the start when Steve Weber in the first episode complimented the owner of the rival flight company for getting rid of the life jackets to save money and hiring a novice pilot right out of flight school. Just when I think I've caught my breath, a voluptous brunette walks past and he blurts out, "Major Hooters," only to save himself from her wrath by introducing himself as his alter-ego, "Major Bob Hooters." This was the kind of writing and creativity that made this under-appreciated series a hit for almost ten years as NBC floated it all over it's schedule. Yet, the fans continued to follow it. The other thing that made this show was sexpot Crystal Bernard, a survivor from the last season of Happy Days. The show had an incredible ensemble of talent including Bernard, Weber, Tim Daly, David Scramm, Rebecca Schull and Thomas Haden Church who played the slightly annoying mechanic Lowell Mather. Replaced by the dynamic Tony Shalhoub as the haplessly unlucky Antonio Scarpacci, the series even became a cousin to the equally successful Cheers with crossovers with its best talents. Underrated for its time on TV, this incredibly funny and relentless series lasted an enjoyable seven years until Amy Yasbeck joined the cast as Helen's jinxed sister, Casey, possibly named after Bernard's Happy Days character, K.C. Cunningham. Yasbeck's arrival signified the sign that the series had run out of ideas as Daly and Bernard's characters got married for the marriage jokes and millions of Crystal Bernard fans lost their hearts.moreless

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    I love this show its my second favoriite show i wish it never ended

    By Monk10000, Mar 16, 2011

    Wings is a great example of a comedy it is funny and all the other material to make any 1 laugh and if ur favorite character is antonio then u might want to watch monk monk is also the same actor who plays antonio so if u can give both shows a chance wings season 1 and 2 release date may 23 rd 06 monk season 1 2 3 on dvd season 4 this summer

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    Midly funny show about a pilot working to keep a small airplane business running while trying deal with friends, family and locals at the same time.

    By TheRougeMonk16, Dec 18, 2008

    The story line for Wings is pretty good. I recently started to watch it when USA brought it back for its 6 am slot. Though it is a 90's comedy it is not that bad. The main characters: Joe and Brian Hackett, and Helen offer some real good laughs. Roy also provides more histerical moments with his "evil" humor. Fay was also good at providing some histerical moments with her mannerisms. The story line was great and even the serious moments in the show were quickly brought back to funniness. I love the show as a whole except for three reasons:Lowell,Antonio, Helen's sister. Lowell sucks as an actor and his village idiot moments are not funny. I despise the actor who plays antonio. Antonio's "funny" moments suck. Helen's sister role is also terrible with her "wo, is men" attitude. Other than these three terrible actors the shows great.moreless

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    Better than the rating

    By tesaract, Apr 04, 2008

    I strongly disagree with the overall review rating for this episode. There are several funny moments in this episode. I do agree with some of your other reviewers that the funeral scene is by far the best part of the show but I disagree that the show is under par. It's filled with laughs. From Antonio's hate for Harrison Kingsbury to Brian telling Joe he has to go through with being buried alive. (they don't have time to switch Joe's body with Kingsbury's) From Brian and Fay telling Joe to "Get in the box, Joe" or Kingsbury's grandson's crush on Helen, it's a classic worth more props than it's getting.moreless

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  • 9.7

    The story of two brothers who grew up with a Dad who went nuts and a Mom who left them. This left Joe the older brother to care for his younger brother Brian. They became pilots and went in very different directions until their father died.

    By kuwash, Nov 12, 2007

    Wings was a wonderful comedy which started out good, got even better and then toward the end when Lowell's character left it lost some of its shine. Roy and Lowell were especially funny. This series had quite a personal touch to it and I have often wondered whether the writers or creator was relating to the viewers his personal life experiences. It opens with a very funny episode when Brian comes back to Nantucket thinking their father had left the

    boys lots of money only to find out he just wanted them to become closer to each other. Brian is introduced to Joe's rival for the island's airline business, Roy Biggins, who drives a purple el comino and looks like Oliver Hardy! He also meets "Lowell",played by Thomas Haden Church, the airports mechanic responsible for the planes and a great deal of the comedy in this series.moreless

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    Wings - Simply the best sitcom of the 90's!!!

    By Sandpiper121PP, Aug 06, 2007

    If I could go back into time and watch a T.V. show all over again on it's first run... Wings would be the one! This show had it all, from great actors to great writers and a storyline that had endless possiblilities!

    Set in the Tom Nevers Field Airport on Nantucket, Joe tries to keep his one plane operation in buisiness while his competition Roy from Aeromass Airlines (with 7 planes) contiuously picks on him each and everyday. That coupled with the other regulars such as Helen (who works the airport lunch counter), Lowell (the only Airport Mechanic), Antonio (the local cab driver), Joe's brother Brian and his faithful only other employee Faye leaves the hangar doors wide open for any and all things to happen... and it does!

    With 172 episodes in all... if you loved it then you can love it now. It is being released on DVD and you can purchase all of the way up to Season 4 out of 8 seasons. Each episode is about 20 minutes long and is sure to be both a great memory as well as a great dose of laughter for you each and everyday! I give Wings the perfect 10!!!moreless

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  • 9.4

    I love this show

    By jamesMoo, Mar 04, 2007

    I love this show. It had great comic timing and great characters. They all loved each other, well, except for Roy. The airport was cool. Joe and Brian were brothers but so different. It was like Cheers in a lot of ways. It is a very underrated show. I will get it all on DVD. Lowell was hilarious. Tony Shalhoub was awesome as Antonio. Fay was cool. Helen was awesome and she and Joe made great friends and later a couple and husband and wife. Joe and Brian went through so much together. This show was hilarious and was so very good.moreless

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  • 9.3

    Laughs both in the air and on the ground.

    By marysuperfly, Nov 11, 2006

    This show is a definite classic in my books because it was both funny and interesting. The brothers, Brian and Joe, were complete opposites, which made them a comical family. I often wondered about their parents and how they must have been. I guess this shows that I totally bought into the plot of the show.

    A personal favorite of mine was Helen, the southern simile spittin' lady lookin' for love. She is great as the voice of reason (at times) and also as the ditzy female. Definitely a great actress behind that character.

    In mentioning characters, I have to say that all of the actors on Wings were absolutely fabulous. Their personalities both meshed and conflicted, which added to the whole basis of the show.

    If you haven't checked it out, take the time to do so. You will not be disappointed.moreless

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