Wish Kids

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    Two twin girls,with contrasing personalities living with a jumbling family and always part of constant doubt with their older peers, dream big, always being incredibly vocal about it.Their neighbor,a labelled oracle who makes their wishes come true and ma

    By ninja_dora, Jun 17, 2005

    This show made it for some, and not some. The twins were literally the trendsetters - they were cool, smart, catty - and only little kids. They had their own superpowers and that creepy old lady living next door that always brought them back to reality. It's like Elementary Breakfast Club - you could just imagine who their possible love interests would be in the future, and who their enemies would be. The effects, cast, songs, friendships - all amazing, yet the quadruplets chosed to take the roles were distracting despite looking the same. It was an aquired, excellent show.moreless

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