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  • 9.5

    Really Good.

    By gracielove, Nov 26, 2012

    Great idea for a show. Very intresting.

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  • 7.5

    A good idea for a show...

    By emeraldcity, May 17, 2012

    ...considering all the people who do go missing in this society. It has notable theme music and is a well thought out show in general. Interestingly several of the main characters are not played by North Americans, I believe...Too bad it is on so late, well past my bedtime. The only drawbacks I can think of in terms of the content of the show itself is the male leads character is a bit too staid to be actually likeable. Oh well. I remember seeing him as a gangster years ago in a film...big difference compared to this show.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Well written, great actors, great stories...

    By T_VFan, Apr 07, 2012

    Compelling to watch. Mind boggling. Great visuals!

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  • 10

    Simply amazing! The best crime show on tv!

    By anacarina, Jan 30, 2011

    I discoverd Without a Trace in it's third season, and since then i have watched every episode several times over. It is one of those shows that will never be boring, because it's well written, the actors are really good, once in a while has some good action and the characters' personal life are well explored. Sometimes some cases seems to be so simple and it becomes so big and hard to solve, that they have to go deep on the missing's person life, and it might reveals a lot of dark secrets. My favourite crime show. Simply the best! Bye.moreless

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  • 8.0

    OMG - The Casting in this show has gone to the dogs!

    By joseesauve, Oct 09, 2010

    OK...I've been a fan since the beginning and love it. But what is UP with casting? I tried to find the girls' names but couldn't in the casting but let's see - In "Wanted", Sasha Pieterse plays 13 year old Daphne Stevens who is 13. Even though Sasah is turning 13 this year, she looks 19. Compared to her little friend from school (couldn't find her name... but she looked 13 at least). It doesn't matter that Sasha is 13, it was not believable because of her appearance. I couldn't concentrate on the episode at all! Then, in the episode right after "Believe Me", we have Hayley McFarland plays 15 year old Amy Gilroy. I can't find any info on this actress online but she looked about 11. Again, I could not concentrate on this show cuz the casting was so bad. This is not the first time I notice but the first time I see back to back HORRIBLE Casting. Wake Up Casting Dept...losing interest......losing focus.moreless

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  • 7.0

    Great concept, great acting, well put together. Everything was great, until the endings. The show never managed to bring it all the way home. An unfortunate waste of a great opportunity that ultimately more than justified the show's cancellation.

    By intimidationcap, Aug 26, 2010

    Let me begin by saying that there was a lot to like about this show. The cast was about as well cast as any on American television (at least mainstream television) at the time. The characters were all well developed and they played off each other wonderfully. The concept was great. There really wasn't, and isn't, anything like it on the air; a group of investigators following the last steps of a missing person(s), trying to find them. The visuals were beautiful. So where's the problem? The endings. Virtually every episode ended the exact same way, with the person(s) being found. It stills baffles me as to why CBS/Jerry Bruckheimer/Hank Steinberg didn't get this, but you simply can't construct a show, in particular this show, this way. The whole point of the show is to find out what happened to a missing person. If you already know before the episode begins that the person is going to be found, than half of the suspense ends before the episode even begins. And that is not a good thing. It would have been SO easy to just let the missing person die a few times, throw in a few more twists as to what happened to them, aka. not always let them be found. Had they done this, voila, you've got a great show. But no, they stuck to formula and it just didn't work.

    I still score this show fairly high at 7/10 because the acting, in particular Anthony LaPaglia who won a Golden Globe for his performance in this show, and the writing and overall concept were good enough that they needed to be recognized. It really is too bad that the show didn't go the little step further and become a really great show.

    Just a random side note, but I've been seeing a lot of people claiming that Roselyn Sanchez ruined the show. I completely disagree with this. I thought she did a perfectly fine job with her character.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Great show and gone too soon I have to say despite being thankful for seven great years. The personal and professional ups and downs of the group were always fun to watch.

    By danharr, May 15, 2010

    Great show and gone too soon I have to say despite being thankful for seven great years. The personal and professional ups and downs of the group were always fun to watch. Keeping the same core group was essential and even when newbie Rosalyn Sanchez came on. She was a perfect fit the producers did a great job with the cast permanent or guest. The cases were great most of the times with a great mix of sad and happy endings. The sad closure of the show was done well with a montage of missing victims from the shows history. Perfect but since the show was on the bubble and no one knew for sure it's fate. A bitter hit of reality as I sat there I knew the show was done. I'm going to miss each one of the cast who to this day have yet to show up in new programming but I'm glad that this post 911 show came along and took us on a wonderful tv journey with great memories.moreless

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  • 10

    Why was the best show on TV cancelled? Please NBC/CBS or whoever, put this show back on for all of us to enjoy!

    By chessdr, Jan 14, 2010

    Why was the best show on TV cancelled? Please NBC/CBS or whoever, put this show back on for all of us to enjoy! I believe Monday-Friday at 9:00 p.m. MST will soon be available for this great show! I love the cast of characters, especially Jack Malone! I've seen a lot of junk that is still on other stations that they continue to air and I have no idea why? This is a 1st class show with 1st class actors, and I love how they find these lost individuals that keep me coming back each and every week! Please put it back on!!moreless

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  • 10

    This show is EXCELLENT - Acting could not be better!

    Why was this cancelled???????

    By jjaney, Nov 15, 2009

    I cannot believe this show was cancelled. I just started watching it and I love it! This show is excellent!!!! Acting could not be better!!!

    Perfect follow up after watching Law & Order. This crime show was well written, easy to follow and the casting was outstanding! I wish another network would pick it up. I don't watch a lot of tv because of the ridiculous number of idiot shows on. This was a rare and refreshing find and I am sure the ratings were great. The episodes made you think and the bad guys got it in the end...don't we all like that! - Something we don't get enough of.moreless

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